Here’s A List Of All The Women Dr. Dre Beat Up

Legendary gangster rapper, music producer, and Apple Executive Dr. Dre’s having a banner month this August with the release of “Straight Outta Compton” a largely fictionalized pseudo-biopic of NWA and his new album entitled “Compton” which is a kind of retrospective on his own career. So, in that tradition of remembrance, it seems as good a time as any to remind the public that tough guy Dre beat up a lot of women.

1. Tairrie B

via YouTube
via YouTube

Angry because Tairrie said Dre looked like “a faggot” when he was with the group ‘World Class Wrecking Cru’ and daring not to invite him to collaborate on her first album “The Power of a Woman” which was released by Eazy-E’s label, Dre confronted Tairrie at the 1990 Grammy Awards. There he punched her in the face twice. According to Tairrie, “He hit me like Tyson, but I took it—I don’t know how.”

All this was because of the dis track at the end of the debut album entitled “Ruthless Bitch.”

2. Dee Barnes

via Twitter
via Twitter

Dee was a radio host and rapper herself back in the late 1980s and early 90s. In 1990 she did an interview on “Pump It Up” with Ice Cube over why he was leaving NWA and starting “The Lynch Mob.” The interview was interesting, especially since Cube was always the most talented and personally interesting member of NWA. However, Dre felt like Barnes made NWA look bad and a few months later in 1991 Dre bumped into her at a party where he grabbed her by the hair and smashed her face into a wall. Then when she went down on the ground from that he started kicking her in the ribs and stomping on her hands. When she ran away to hide in the bathroom he followed her and starting hitting her in the head there.

Here’s what Barnes had to say about it later:

“They’ve grown up with the mentality that it’s okay to hit women, especially black women. Now there’s a lot of kids listening and thinking it’s okay to hit women who “get out of line.”

3. Michel’le

via YouTube
via YouTube

Michel’le, who could absolutely sing, was involved with Dre for five years and they have a child together. Michel’le says that Dre beat her so badly that she had to have reconstructive surgery done on her nose, her ribs were broken, and she used to have to wear make up to cover the black eyes his beatings would give her.

Here she is talking about it on the Breakfast Club.

And here she is talking about it on Wendy Williams.

Michel’le: “One of my boyfriends hit me and [made it] crooked it until I had to straighten it and change it and it cost a lot of money” Michel’le explained.

WW: “One of your babies’ fathers? You’re speaking of, that broke your nose?”

M: “Absolutely…and I stayed [in the relationship]”

She went on to say she had to “figure out” that domestic violence isn’t an expression of love because her father never told her he loved her.  

M: “Getting beat was love to me. When I got with Suge- believe it or not–he didn’t really beat me. I asked him ‘why aren’t you beating me? Don’t you love me?”

WW: By saying Suge didn’t beat you, the finger is pointing at you Dr. Dre.

4. Numerous Other Women Who Remain Unnamed

via YouTube
via YouTube

Before becoming a gangster rapper, Dr. Dre was a member of a kind of Solid Gold meets primitive rap meets boy band group called “World Class Wrecking Cru.”

In an interview with a former member of that group, Cli-N-Tel, we learn that beating up women was a pretty common thing for Dre. In regards to a question about Dee Barnes he said“She wasn’t the first one. I know of a few others. I seen him get raw-dog with a couple females and we’d have conversations about that stuff and I told him, ‘That ain’t how I roll.'”

In closing, “beatin’ up a woman don’t make you shit, but then again some niggas think it makes a man.”Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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