26 Facts About Satanic Murder, Pacts, And Myths You Might Regret Knowing

Satanism and devil worship is alive in America today even if the nation as a whole has become less religious. The notion of deals with the devil are, if anything, more common than they were just a few years ago in the form of a belief in the Illuminati (I’m talking to you Beyonce!) and murders in the name of the devil are probably more common than you might think they are. They’re definitely more grisly. Western Civilization has a long history of fearing the devil and sometimes even worshipping him. Either way, it almost never ends well.

'Carcosa' - True Detective
‘Carcosa’ – True Detective

1. In the Middle Ages, mortality rates were so high for babies that midwives were sometimes accused of sacrificing the babies to the devil at the moment of their birth if the child died. [Source]

2. During the same period, it was believed by many that Jews kidnapped Gentile children for the purpose of sacrificing them to the devil on Jewish High Holidays. Remember, sacrifices are a way of affirming a contract. [Source]

3. Believe it or not, some people still actually seem to believe this. [Source]

4. As recently as 2005, Russian nationalists accused Jews of kidnapping five boys and killing them in a ritual sacrifice. [Source]

5. The belief that Jews sacrifice children has found a solid home among Middle Eastern Islamists where they’re regularly accused of sacrificing Arab children to “their false god, Yahweh.” [Source]

6. And lets not forget teenagers who sacrifice other human beings to the Devil. In 2008, a group of devil worshippers murdered three teen girls and one teen boy in a city north of Moscow, stabbing them 666 times. The group had cobbled together their beliefs from the internet and started out sacrificing dogs and cats. [Source]

7. Just last year, two teen boys kidnapped a 16-year-old girl and sacrificed her with a screwdriver in order to sell their souls to the devil. [Source]

8. One folk story about making a pact with the Devil states that Revolutionary War hero Brigadier General Jonathan Moulton sold his soul to the Devil and in return got his boots filled with gold every month. Moulton bought the biggest boots he could find, cut off the bottoms, and placed the boots over a hole in the ground so that the Devil had to pour far more gold into them than the boots could hold. Of course the Devil, being smart, discovered this and promptly burned down Moulton’s house and took back all the gold. [Source]

9. One of the most famous pacts with the Devil in America involves blues guitarist Robert Johnson who supposedly walked to a crossroads where the Devil tuned his guitar and gave him his legendary musical skill. Johnson died years later under unclear circumstances. Some say he died after being poisoned by the husband of a married woman he was fooling around with and some say he died of Syphilis. [Source]

via Flickr - Maxwell Hamilton
via Flickr – Maxwell Hamilton

10. St. Theophilus was an Archdeacon living in modern day Turkey. He was promoted to Bishop but, out of what turned out to be false humility. he turned it down. Later on he regretted this decision and sought out a wizard (some accounts claim the wizard was, what else, a Jew) who helped him make a deal with Satan. This required him to renounce Christ and Mary, of course. Later, he regretted this decision as well and started fasting and praying. Mary appeared to him and said she’d speak to God on his behalf but Satan wouldn’t let God break the contract which is interesting all by itself.

He then took the contract to the man who should have been Bishop instead of him and confessed. The man burned the contract and Theophilus died on the spot cause he was so happy. The year was 538.

Be less indecisive. [Source]

11. Oprah has a set of satanic eyes on top of her eyelids because of a pact with the Devil.

12. In 1994, four Alabama teenage males offered 37-year-old hitchhiker Vicki Lynn DeBlieux a ride. Instead of taking her to her mother’s house like she’d asked, they drove to some remote woods and tried to have sex with her. When she wouldn’t, they began throwing beer bottles at her, beat her to death, and stabbed her 180 times before dumping her body off of a cliff. Her last words were supposedly of her giving in to the prospect of sex with the words “okay, I’ll party” as one of her attackers stood on her throat. Her attackers subsequently cut off some of her fingers as souvenirs.

The groups ringleader told police that they wanted to kill her as a sacrifice to Satan. [Source]

13. Ricky Kasso believed that Satan had appeared to him in the form of a black crow and told him to murder acquaintance Gary Lauwers who Kasso believed had stolen drugs from him. Prior to the murder, Kasso had been caught grave robbing and had stolen a human skull. He was also involved in what’s been described as a loosely organized group called “Knights of the Black Circle.” On the night of the murder, Kasso lured Lauwers into the woods where they both took mescaline before Kasso began to bite, stab, and attack Lauwers for up to three or four hours. At the end, Kasso demanded Lauders say that he loved Satan but Lauders wouldn’t. Kasso then gouged out his eyes and stuffed stones down his throat. Lauders had been stabbed up to 17 times in the attack.

Kasso later killed himself in prison. [Source]

14. In 2011, Los Angeles resident 18-year-old Moises Moises Meraz-Espinoza murdered his mother by strangling her and then dismembered her with a circular saw and skinned her as part of a satanic ritual. The specific date that he committed the murder was February 2nd, 2011, a day that calls for human or animal sacrifice according to an unknown version of the Satanic bible. [Source]

15. Operating between the late 1980s and the early 2000s, the Beasts of Satan were an Italian Satanic cult and heavy metal band responsible for multiple murders. The killings included murdering a 19-year-old woman in the woods under a full moon and burying a 27-year-old woman alive. [Source]

16. Unfortunately, there are quite a few more of these kinds of brutal killings in the name of the Devil that I haven’t included here.

17. The official Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by Anton LaVey. They are dedicated to “the acceptance of Man’s true nature—that of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos that is indifferent to our existence.” They list “stupidity” among those things they call sin. However, the organization doesn’t believe in either God or Satan and are essentially atheists. They perform no sacrifices and reject the abuse of any individual or group. Their official website works hard to stress that they differ greatly from “devil worshippers.” [Source]

18. As of 2001, Satanists were typically 26-years-old, White males, and had been a Satanist for eight years. [Source]

19. The Encyclopedia Satanica lists sixteen distinct Satanic groups. Their ideologies run the gamut from gnostic esotericism to the Cult of Cthulhu. [Source]

20. Of those Satanists who indicate they used to be Christians, most note they were “nominal” Christians meaning they weren’t really very involved in it. [Source]

21. Most Satanists only meet one another online because of how dispersed they are. [Source]

22. Much of Satanism seems to revolve around rejection of the social contract, that one must give up a measure of independence in order to achieve protection from the group. The idea is that the social contract limits and punishes people who don’t adhere to social norms and should therefore be rejected. “This, ultimately, is the goal of a society – not to service people, which is merely its ostensible purpose, but to survive. It is an organism, like any other, albeit a macro-scale one.” [Source]

23. According to this troll on Yahoo Answers, Satanism is the fastest growing religion. [Source]

Screenshot via Yahoo Answers
Screenshot via Yahoo Answers

This is absurd and hilarious.

24. From the 1980s until the 1990s there was a panic across Canada and the United States that Satanic cults were killing as many as 60,000 people a year in ritualistic sacrifice. Eventually, this ended because no evidence of such widespread murder by any group of Satanists could be produced. This mania was spurred on by the new phenomenon of “recovered memory therapy” being an accepted new therapy at the time.

15% to 20% of individuals who underwent the therapy recalled being subject to Satanic rituals and led children to accuse their parents of engaging in these rituals. [Source]

25. Recovered memory therapy also involved therapists essentially implanting memories in the minds of their subjects via hypnosis and suggestion whether intentional or not. Medical malpractice suits are essentially what ended the panic since therapists quickly became loath to use these methods any longer and just like that the Satanic panic ended. [Source]

26. Read more about the supposed Satanic rituals of the 80s and 90s here. Seriously, this was totally insane and out of hand which is probably why you don’t hear anything about it anymore. It was basically a modern day, scientifically enforced witch hunt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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