When You Look Back On Your Life One Day

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Jordan Bauer

One day when you are looking back on your life, I hope you can raise your cup to all of the moments that life took your breath away.Β I hope you look back with gratitude and fulfillment, knowing that you filled every second of your life with crazy adventures and magnificent dreams. I hope you look back and see that your cup always overflowed with love, and that your heart always stayed soft.

I hope you can say that you made the most of this life. I hope you can say that you lived.

I hope you remember the crackling bonfires and gooey s’mores melting deliciously in your mouth.Β I hope you remember the familiar family dinners, where you told your family about all of the humiliating events that accompanied your first day of school. I hope you remember the killer hangovers and the crappy first dates. I hope you remember your awkward first kiss and the tragic story of your first crush. I hope you look back on a life in which you ditched the diet and ate the midnight (chocolate glazed) donuts.

I hope you remember the times you stayed out all night, just for the sake of being alive.

I hope that you remember sitting in your mom’s lap when you were little, safe and loved, feeling as though all was right in the world. I hope you remember the circle of best friends that you grew up with. I hope you laugh at all of the meaningless drama between you and your friends, and how ridiculously meaningful it was at the time.

I hope you remember the way you grew and transformed from each heartbreak, even after you thought that your whole world was falling apart.

I hope you remember the irreplaceably special bond you never broke between you and your sister.

I hope you remember splashing and swimming in the sparkling blue water on family beach trips, too young to worry about how your body looked. I hope you remember the time that, for the very first time, you felt confident speaking to a room full of people. I hope you remember all of the times you forgot your locker combination, and the days in which you felt so nervous changing for gym in the school locker room.

I hope you remember all of the moments that led up to you learning to love yourself.

I hope you remember the moments of becoming, the moments in which you knew who you were and who you would one day be. I hope that you look back and feel proud of who you loved and how much you loved. I hope you remember the moments in which you fell in love with your life.

I hope that when you look back on all of those beautiful years filled with ups and downs, you feel certain that you had a good life.

I hope that the good times always made up for the hard times, and that the love in your life always overpowered the pain.

And above all, I hope that someday, sometime, you look back on your beautiful life with proud eyes and a warm heart, embracing all that you have done with your little tiny version of infinity. TC mark


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