Love Your Flaws Because They Make You Whole


Your insecurities are quite often your greatest strengths. Your flaws are often your diamonds, glittering in the sun at the times in which you fear that you are weak. If you can accept your insecurities as your own unique gifts, you will perceive yourself as more whole; as more beautiful.

When you find yourself doubting your own worth, or caught in a cycle of self-blame or shame, remind yourself to look at your life with new, fresh eyes.

Remember that how you see yourself is not necessarily how you are. What you may see as a flaw or problem, others may see as an admirable gift and charm. You see, what you perceive as your weaknesses and flaws, others perceive as your strengths.

Maybe you are quiet and shy, hesitant to speak in crowds or scared others will take your comments as weird or unwanted. Maybe you think through every word you wish to say before you whisper your thoughts. Maybe you think that your thoughts aren’t worth being heard, that others don’t want to hear you voice your opinion. Pause your train of thought. Have you ever stopped to realize that your calm demeanor and thoughtful comments make you more trustworthy? Have you ever acknowledged that your gentle ways bring comfort and a sense of calm to those around you?

Your quiet and beautiful demeanor shakes the world in a quiet, but powerful way.

You see, we need to have contrasts in this world. Your soft spoken nature contrasts the brashness of others – it brings peace to the world and ensures that when you do decide to speak, what you say is often strikingly meaningful to others. Your soft heartedness compliments the world around you – it lets others see sensitivity and beauty in places they may not think to look. If you look closely, you will realize that others admire your quiet but powerful courage and tenacity.

Maybe you worry that you are too loud…too boisterous. You feel like your presence is overbearing and even overwhelming. Don’t fear. You are perfect as you are. Your “flaw” is nothing but a strength, when used the right way.

We need people just like you.

We need those who aren’t afraid to share their thoughts, to step up to challenges and be vocal about change. You are one of the go-getters. You chase after your goals like a hurricane, bombarding life with new thoughts and fresh feelings. You come in like a storm. How is this a flaw? Why are you insecure about this?

You are passionate about life – so don’t be afraid to let it show. Don’t try to cover your boldness and confidence. These are gifts that will launch you forward. Gifts that help you maneuver your way through this tricky and often winding path of life. You’re always going to be too much of something to someone. But view this confidence as a gift – understand that we need you in this world. We need you to pave the road ahead to new places and destinations.

Are you afraid that you feel too deeply? That your sensitivity makes you weak and flawed? This is so far from the truth…so far from reality.

Feeling emotions in this world is your greatest power.

Feeling everything is what connects you so deeply to this life – it allows you to feel your own heartbeat, and to empathize and support those around you.

It brings love and honesty into a world that too often shies away from feelings. You show others that it is okay to have feelings…that it is brave to be vulnerable and open. You, my dear, bring hope into this world. You bring honesty and rawness to life. You connect humanity, and you prove the sincere power of empathy and compassion. We need you to continue to thrive. To continue to spread love and emotions. To continue to be open to love, and to continue to feel everything so very deeply.

Are you worried that wearing your heart on your sleeve is your greatest weakness? Are you afraid that you scare people away with your intensity, and with your ability to love? Look in the mirror. Your capacity to love openly and freely is what lifts you up. It is because of this ability that you shine. You see, because of how open you are to sharing your feelings, you will never settle.

You will have the special a gift of understanding that the people who are meant to be in your life will stay.

They will not be afraid of how much you love them, and they will not be scared away by your feelings. You have the unique ability to remember that the people in your life will be the ones who can handle all that you have to offer. Your heart on your sleeve will shield you for those who are not good enough, not strong enough, to be in your life. It will separate the wonderful people from those who do not know how to love you.

Are you concerned that you are flawed with too much kindness? Do you worry that you are too gentle and innocent that people rarely take you seriously? Be gentle with yourself and acknowledge that your kindness supports society.

You can never be too caring, because you see, humanity is built on kindness.

At the core of all of our relationships is a sense of love and respect for one another. You see, you shed a powerful light into this world that would otherwise be hidden by shadows.

What you may not realize is the admiration others have for you. They look up to you and respect you for your unending ability to be benevolent in a torn apart world. You are the refreshing nectar of the summer following the darkest storm. You show the world that kindness truly overcomes hatred, and that at the root of everything is togetherness. We are all in this world together. Please continue to be kind – and realize that your kindness reflects your intelligence and humility. Your kindness is a virtue. It is never a weakness.

Is your greatest flaw that you are indecisive? Do you worry about how long it takes you to make decisions? Your natural tendency to overthink every situation reflects your creativity and intellect. You are a thinker, you are a creator. You understand that each decision you make is multifaceted, and this means that you are wise. Use your wisdom for a good cause, don’t shy away from life because of your uncertainties. You have the key to the secrets of this world, because you spend time figuring out the unknown. You look at situations from all sides. You are fair and balanced, with a strong head on your shoulders.

No matter what you feel your greatest flaw is, I promise you, if you can look at yourself with new eyes, with a clear perspective and open heart, you will find that deep within your flaw is your truest strength. Next time you doubt yourself, remember to shift your perspective. Remember that every tiny atom of life is multifaceted. Nothing is one sided.

Give yourself some time to truly think through your own self perceptions, and allow for new flexibility. You will find that your greatest strengths may actually be hiding underneath your so called “weakness.” You are not flawed. You are strong and brilliant. Take the time to realize this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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