10 Super Cheap Meals For Incredibly Broke People

10 Super Cheap Meal Options For Incredibly Broke People

1. Ramen 2.0

Ah, these wavy, yellow-ish noodles are basically the official symbol of poverty. Obviously Ramen had to be mentioned here, but these are a modified, enhanced version of the high sodium noodles. Ramen 2.0 isn’t very complex, what you do is either make a pack or cup of noodles, then throw some type of meat and/or veggies in the mix. Chunks of chicken breast, a can of tuna, corn, carrots – whatever you can get your paws on. I do feel it’s my responsibility to warn you that tuna makes the noodle juice afterwards undrinkable — if post Ramen juice sipping is something you’re into.

2. Low Budget Tacos

Buy some flour/corn tortillas or the hard shells and a can of beans. If you can splurge for ground beef even better, but if not load up on cheese, salsa, sour cream and whatever else you can pile on top. You know you’re in the midst of a struggle when you can’t even afford a few Taco Bell value menu selections, but homemade makeshift tacos get the job done and seem to be less vicious exiting your body.

3. SeriouslyWhenDoIGetPaidNext? Hotdog Wraps

A pack of hotdogs can provide you with a meal for every day of the week, so cloak them in a slice of bread with a piece of cheese, then wrap them in foil and and bake ‘em in the oven. Maybe it’s the thin, shiny, silver sheet of tin that the hotdog wraps are places in, or perhaps it’s the fact that this is a fresh, hot meal – but somehow these suckers feel like one of the fancier, la-di-da empty bank account concoctions.

4. Potato Possibilities

Potatoes bring out our inner Macgyver, allowing us to be creative and offering several options. You can always combine them with meat for a more complete meal, but a solo baked potato doused in pepper, sour cream and cheese is good eats. You can boil and mash them – and pretty much everyone’s favorite side dish/comfort food is a hefty serving of mashed potatoes. Not to mention the potential they have if you dice ‘em up and throw them in some type of soup or stew. I think we should all promise potatoes that no matter how much money we make, they’ll always be a part of our lives.

5. Hybrid Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Crafty, broke folks know the opportunities a grilled cheese sandwich presents. Innovators have an opportunity to turn a basic, snack-sized sammy into a delicious creation that you’d be comfortable presenting to Chef Gordon Ramsay for review. You can add multiple slices of different types off cheeses (I recommend muenster, provolone or mozzarella) and/or slices of lunchmeat, turning your grilled cheese-loving world upside down.

6. What-Did-I-Do-To-Deserve-This, Banquet TV Dinners


They are cheap, usually 99 cents or so but I can’t pretend like that makes it okay for them to taste the way they do. Look, the chicken fingers and macaroni & cheese one that has a crusty brownie on the side has saved me from going to bed on an empty stomach numerous times, but Banquets slogan should be: “Well, hey, it’s better than starving!” If bad credit had a taste, it would be the Banquet Salisbury steak meal. Their Swedish meatballs dinner tastes like wishing you’d applied yourself more in high school, and the turkey meal resembles Thanksgiving in hell. Still, as much as I criticize them, Banquet dinners have found their way into my shopping cart and have been my loyal companion through financially rough patches. I always feel guilty when I give flirty eyes to the Stouffer’s, but those things just know what daddy really wants.

7. Egg Noodles With Butter & Pepper

This is pretty self-explanatory. Keep in mind that egg noodles alone are kind of plain, so don’t be bashful on the butter & pepper.

8. Recessionachos

Tortilla chips + shredded cheese = simple + effective. Sit down your tastebuds and explain to them what’s happening with the economy. It may take some time but eventually they’ll understand why there’s no guacamole, beans or meat in these nachos. The plus side is how amazingly quick they can be made — a plate full of nachos in 30-45 seconds.

9. Sad salad

Buy a head of lettuce; iceberg, romaine, red – whatever tickles your fancy. Rip it up and throw it in a bowl, or douse a patch or multiple leaves in dressing, then have at it. I’ve held up a head of iceberg and lunged at it, viciously biting down and chewing ranch covered chunks like a savage.

10. Eggconomy friendly eating

Breakfast sandwiches are a delight and if you’ve got eggs, there are endless possibilities. Much like with potatoes, these can be prepared in various forms. Scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, omelets and of course, BREAKFAST SANDWICHES. Bread and eggs joining forces to create happiness – if you’ve got some bacon too well then aren’t you just a lucky broke person? Cook it and throw a few strips on top for an exceptional creation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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