If Social Media Makes You Feel Like You’re Behind In Life, This Is What You Need To Hear

I have a running hypothesis that we’d all feel a lot better if we knew how normal our insecurities were. The people we look up to, the ones who seem like they have it all figured out — they’ve got the same questions looping through their minds:

This isn’t just lip service designed to make you feel better. Peaking behind the curtain of someone else’s life helps you develop empathy for them, but more important, it helps you have empathy and gentleness for yourself.

This is the one thing I wish this is something I would have realized early on in my 20’s and I collected a bunch of short essays from women about how their lives look on the outside vs. how they struggle on the inside for exactly this reason. I promise it will save you thousands of hours of stressing about whether or not you’re “behind”.

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