10 DIY Gift Ideas That Aren’t Totally Lame

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“It’s the thought that counts” is unfortunately not entirely true. Sure, the thought matters, but maybe only like, 70%? The rest of the value lies in a great gift. Everyone loves a well-executed DIY gift because it combines personal touch with a useful product. So here we go – we came up with 10 DIY gift ideas with corresponding products that can help you get started RIGHT NOW. Why wait?

Product 1 - Pendant

1. A one of a kind pendant

Who knew vintage machinery would be so chic one day? You can quickly make a DIY pendant with some old watch parts that will be beautiful and totally unique — and your gift recipient will be so proud. There’s nothing quite so gratifying as someone asking where you bought a piece of jewelry and being able to tell them your friend handmade it especially for you.

Product 2 - Hat

2. A wearable inside joke.

This is what to do if you want to give a gift that will be talked about: buy a plain white hat and get a custom inside joke or cheeky saying printed on it. It can be a saying your friend is known for or a joke about their place in your friend group. Splurge on two for a matching set no one else will have.

Product 3 - Soda Bottle

3. Turn an old soda bottle into a handmade candle

The super duper easy DIY method is to buy a bottle with a small neck and put a tapered candle inside, burn until the wax runs down, et voila! For a more time intensive give, try a beautiful wine bottle or a fancy champagne bottle and use this method to trim off the top and turn it into a beautiful candle. Either way, you can customize the bottle you find to your friend’s taste and give them something bespoke and personalized.

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