13 Songs That Perfectly Capture What It’s Like To Be An INFP

There’s a common misconception that INFPs are fragile and sensitive. Yes, we are sensitive to our moods and the moods of those around us but only because we feel all our ~*~emotions~*~ so deeply. And that is the very opposite of weakness. It takes a lot of strength to live life this openly, with so much vulnerability. We are powerful in our ability to be raw.

Here is a peak into our inner lives.

An INFP’s resting emotion: Ghost — Ella Henderson

This song is the call of the INFP. It is the personification of the quiet but steady inner strength it takes to live so deeply.

An INFP having a crush: Closer — Tegan & Sara

INFPs are quiet in their infatuations and unsurprisingly what they think about most is what they want to do for the other person. Tegan & Sara’s anthem of “I won’t treat you like you’re typical” perfectly captures this weird other-centered way of having a crush on someone.

An INFP in unrequited love: Kathleen — Josh Ritter

INFPs aren’t normal people, and they don’t think about the people they love as normal either. The opening line says it all: All the other girls here are stars, you are the northern lights.

An INFP leaving: California Pt. 2 — Mason Jennings

I’m gonna throw a box of books and my beloved guitar into the back of my truck and try my luck in California.

An INFP in actual love: A Case of You — Joni Mitchell

An INFP having a conflict: Bottle Up And Explode! — Elliott Smith

One things INFPs can be terrible at is conflict. When we’re young we think avoidance is better than actually having a fight and hurting someone’s feelings, so Elliott Smith’s passive aggressive anthem tends to be our own.

An INFP feeling restless in life: Dancing in the Dark — Bruce Springsteen

An INFP trying to YOLO: Carey — Joni Mitchell

You’re not allowed to have an INFP playlist without at least one Joni Mitchell song, it’s in the handbook. This is a particularly INFP-y song about YOLO-ing because to Joni, living her best life is loving someone else really well and dancing with them in a dive bar. Right on.

An INFP learning about reality: Mama Who Bore Me — Spring Awakening

As INFPs, we tend to live in our heads a lot and sometimes it’s a very rude surprise when the real world isn’t as soft and inviting as our idealistic fantasies.

An INFP having an existential crisis: Reasons Why — Nickel Creek

For an INFP an existential crisis is a recurring theme in their life, but the emotion dominating these episodes is hopefulness. We never stop trying to find what we are looking for. We’re happy to keep climbing a different ladder when we find fault with the one we’re currently on.

An INFP surviving a breakup: Foolish Games — Jewel

Jewel’s Pieces of You is in the gift bag they give you when you find out you’re an INFP, it’s cheesey and emo but it’s who we are.

An INFP going through a hard time: When It Don’t Come Easy — Patty Griffin

Again, we see that in a challenging situation an INFP isn’t focused on their own feelings, but comforting those of the one they love. When an INFP finds someone they care about, that care is whole and unwavering.

An INFP being happy with their imperfect life: Living in the Moment — Mason Jennings

He describes himself as a reformed lonely dreamer, now happily living in the moment with the friends he loves. What could be better? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Here is the full playlist on Spotify

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