If you’d like your writing featured on Thought Catalog, fill out the form below and we’ll review it. We read each submission that comes to us within two weeks of receiving it, but don’t provide feedback or editing of articles we choose not to publish. If you don’t hear back from us within two weeks, assume your article will not be published and feel free to submit another article.

A few things to keep in mind:

[*] Make sure your document name is the title of the piece. Do not title your file as “ThoughtCatalog1.docx”.

[*] Do not submit the same article more than once.

[*] Your article must be in final form. Do not submit drafts or updates (see above).

[*] If you are submitting an anonymous piece, you must so specify in the submissions form. However, if using a pen name, you must provide a first and last name. We absolutely do not publish under initials of any kind or screen names. We will not change the name you publish under after your article goes up.

[*] Be yourself. If you want to write about a topic or in a format you don’t see on Thought Catalog currently, assume we are interested. We are always looking for new kinds of content.


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