32 People Answer ‘What Physical Trait Is An Instant Turn-Off’?

Answered by the picky daters at AskReddit.

The Axl Rose

Long greasy hair. Blegheghghgh.

Dirty teeth

A build up of plaque on your teeth. Even the word plaque sounds naaaasty.

Future tan moms

People who tan too much to the point where their skin looks like a basketball.



Can’t help staring at it. Are you frowning? Can’t tell. Unibrow is there. Are you winking? Nope, caught myself looking at the unibrow again. It’s like a black hole, whose dark hairiness attracts all gazes to it. Brrr.. Can’t deal.

Moustaches gone wrong

The rapey moustache

Fish lips

Very thin lips, just not in to them


Long toenails and fingernails on a guy. Cut dat shit.

Fuck this

I used to have pretty strong feelings about drawn on eyebrows.

But I just fell in love with a girl who has drawn on eyebrows and actually a lot of things that I used to consider major turnoffs. She just laughed at my jokes, and made me laugh, and was honest with me.

And now I think her drawn on eyebrows are cute.

So basically, fuck this


Long gums, short teeth.

Also known as FUPA

Front butt.

Not very manly

A guy without a chin

The oldest turn-off in the book



Girls with no chin. It’s like their neck and chin just form together. They don’t even have to be fat.

Dead eyes

There aren’t a lot of physical traits that turn me off. But one that does?

Dead eyes.

You know what I mean. You see a girl, she’s pretty good looking, even her eyes are beautiful (as in the color) but there’s something about them. They look..souless. Like there’s nothing behind them.

She could be the most beautiful girl, but if she has dead eyes, nope.

Not very kissable

Mole-on-the-lip. You just can’t miss them…

Field goal gap

Funky teeth. I can deal with a little crooked, or maybe even a little stained from drinking coffee. I’m talking field goal gap, extremely funky teeth. Yikes.

Resting bitchface syndrome

That frown/scowl that has been etched on the face from years of hard dissatisfaction.

Girls with no hips

For a girl, if her waist measurement is wider than her hip measurement. This doesn’t just apply to obese people, either. There are some extremely fit girls who just have that sort of body shape with no hips at all.

For obvious reasons

Men with long nails. Get those man talons away from me you beast!

Dirty people

Greasy hair, or clearly unwashed features. Of which I was very guilty in my mid-teens, admittedly.

Balding vs. bald

Baldness. Now I’m not talking a shaved head, but when you’re clearly losing your hair and all that’s left is a few wisps and tufts of hair here and there. Just go all out and shave it off.

Shark smile

A gummy smile. I’m not talking about just showing a little gum, but when there’s more gum than teeth I’m out.

Feminine features

Tiny, soft, feminine hands on guys Wide hips on guys

Pig nose

An upturned nose that looks like a pig nose.

Fake boobs

Bolt-on boobs.

I’m talking about the ones that are bigger than life and don’t move with the body when it turns. I just don’t get the appeal.

Barbie girls

The Barbie look. I know it’s really multiple traits, but I kind of gag every time I see a too-tan female with hair bleached beyond belief, implants, and bright pink or red lipstick.


Giant foreheads.

Lazy eyes

Lazy eye. Call me shallow, but damn that is off-putting.

Not normal weight

In my opinion, being extremely underweight is as unattractive as being extremely overweight.

Ear holes

Fucking gauges.

I don’t really care anymore

The older I get the less I care about physical traits. Just be clean. You can be considered ugly, be fat, have fucked up face, teeth, etc, but if you’re clean I can still get my twerk on.

I’ve changed my tune

Once upon a time I would have said a hairy back, but then I met a guy with a hairy back who was just wonderful, and it turned out to be soft and cuddly. Now I can’t think of anything except bad personal hygiene, or self-inflicted stuff like plastic surgery. People get the bodies they get. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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