40 Of The Pettiest Reasons People Refused To Date Someone

Answers found on Ask Reddit

1. “I didn’t like the way she spelled her name.”

— StattPadford

2. “She looked like my cousin, which I felt was weird.”

— Pokyvinweasel

3. “I know someone that broke up with his girlfriend because the trip to her place always involved at least an hour of sitting in traffic.”

— csr28

4. “His apartment smelled like olives.”


5.The girl kept dabbing constantly. Laugh. Dab. Woo we’re in nandos. Dab. I couldn’t.”

— exodermic

6. “I ended the date stat after she said, ‘JOKER AND HARLEY ARE SO FUCKING RELATIONSHIP GOALS.'”

— soulvestige

7. “Had a date refer to me as ‘Senpai,’ ‘Onee-Chan’ and other Japanese titles or words. She was white girl in Kansas.”

— DarthFatz82

8. “He would not stop talking about how ‘woke’ he was.”

— kflognogt

9. “‘cUs sHe TeXteD LiKe dIs! :):):):) :p:p:p:p =))))))”

— Drackid

10.She insisted on going for runs together, but ran way too slowly for me.”

11.He used too much hair gel and it made his hair all crunchy.”

— nuggetblaster69

12. “I once ended a date early because, while driving to dinner, she started changing the presets on my car radio without asking.”

— RadioJared

13. “I turned down a date once because the girl had the same last name as me. We weren’t related, but it still weirded me out, and I didn’t want people to think I was dating my cousin or something.”

— Mouthmouthmouth

14. “Chewing your food loudly.”

— The_UnApologist

15. “Men with long, or longish, fingernails.”

— deterge18

16. “Having the same name as a family member.”

— Bigeggsmcgoo

17. “If she starts talking about your zodiac compatibility super soon and seems to take real stock in it.”

— LegendOfDylan

18. “They only watch indie or art house films. I like that stuff too but not all the time. Sometimes I just wanna watch a giant robot fight a similarly giant monster and not have to think too much.”

— Col_Walter_Tits

19.Teeth to gums ratio being way off.”

— Cattywumpus1968

20. “A peanut allergy. I’m not ready for that kind of sacrifice.”

— con_man15

21. “Pettiest is I don’t like guys with big nostrils. I’m aware this is subjective, and probably slightly insane.”

— angelicism

22. “When we were getting to know each other our football teams played each other and she sent me the following text ‘let’s go out tonight. Looser buys drinks.’”

— Becauseiwasdrunk

23. “If I see ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ in her house… I’m out.”

— ericthegreatviking

24.When I was single I swiped left on guys who were taking selfies with their expensive cell phones not in cases. I was not comfortable with that level of risk taking.”

— AlarmingBird

25. “Ear hygiene.”

— Human_Spud

26. “If you pronounce nuclear “nukular” (like Carter or Bush II both did) that’s a deal breaker for me.”

— insufferableninja

27. “He had naturally dark red hair.”

— HowardAndMallory

28. “Back when I was dating, the fatal phrase of ‘I don’t read.'”

— MayonnaiseUnicorn

29. “Knuckles that are darker than the rest of their skin.”

— RedShirtDecoy

30. “I can’t date someone who collects collector’s items, e.g. funko pops.”

— kmagsy

31. “I just rejected someone on a dating site because they put spaces before commas, periods, and question marks when texting me.”

— 420_ricer

32. “If they have baby carrot fingers. I don’t want those things touching me.”

— Iced–Tea

33. “He asked for ‘kissies.’ The cringe was too strong to get over.”

— platinum_skies

34.Their taste in shoes.”

— victwat

35. “A girl l met on OKCupid ghosted on me after I told her I didn’t like Twilight.”

— Shiny_Mega_Rayquaza

36.If someone’s name is Chad, I just can’t do it.”

— ashleymadsen98

37. “He wouldn’t eat Taco Bell. It’s my favorite guilty pleasure and I got irrationally upset that he wouldn’t even try it.”

— AvgWhiteMale_AMA

38. “If I don’t like their name.”

— doyathinkshesaurus

39. “If they work in HR.”

— thomas_newton

40. “If they have a shitty tattoo.”

— banginthedoldrums Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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