32 People Share The Weirdest Quality That They Find Irresistibly Attractive

We all have weird turn-ons, or personality quirks that we can’t help but love. So I asked around — what weird or obscure thing do you just LOVE when guys or girls do — and here are some of the best answers I got. Names have been changed.

1. Olivia

Guys wiping their face at the end of a meal in that proper way with the napkin and dabbing. Not like a gross greasy guy wiping his mutt with his sleeve.

2. Piotr

I absolutely love it when girls push their hair behind their ear, and a little bit of it falls forward again, and they keep doing it without realizing it. I find it so feminine and attractive.

3. Stephanie

When a guy is reading…mmm. The brow furrowed in concentration. A little smirk if something is funny. A concerned look if something is…concerning. You get to see a full range of emotions that they usually keep locked up tight along with their love of being the little spoon.

4. Jason

I love when girls wear bras that are slightly too small for them, so they get the full cup of the boob, plus that weird, second-boob-tier spilling thing. It becomes like a wobbly shelf of tit, and I love it.

5. Nathan

When women have a slightly-visible happy trail. I like dark hair on women, and a (well-trimmed) carpet, so it means GOOD THINGS.

6. Cristina

BIG EYEBROWS for sure. Not unibrows, just big defined luscious eyebrows. It’s the first thing I notice on every guy and it definitely makes or breaks his appearance. I told a friend once that a guy she was hooking up with had great eyebrows and she said she never noticed before, but now she’s the same way and “eyebrow watching” (like people watching) has become one of our favorite past-times.

7. Heather

Guys with a gap between their teeth, who run their tongue along it a lot. I just want to grab their face and make out with that delicious gap for hours.

8. Clara

When guys correct my grammatical or spelling errors in text messages.

9. Danielle

Possibly the most random thing that people do that’s sexy to me is actually write things down/make appointments:

Person 1: “So I’ll see you Tuesday at 7?”
Person 2: “Yes, that works for me.”
Person 1: “Alright, I’ll put that down.” *Proceeds to either write it in an agenda or use a calendar app on their phone.*

10. Rachel

When men use inhalers! I think it started from an ex who was really hot (I’ve never been attracted more to a guy) and had asthma. so now when my head says “inhaler,”  my heart/vag says “hot shirtless guy using an inhaler.”

I actually got hotguyswithinhalers.tumblr.com, but couldn’t find enough pic/submissions.

11. Jackson

When girls are really, really pale. Like translucent pale, where you can see the veins underneath and they get red from being in the sun for ten minutes. There is something so delicate and sexy about it, I love it.

12. Monica

When bro-y guys get drunk and do karaoke together (especially boy band karaoke).

13. Tara

Finding out they had a speech impediment as a child.

14. Claire

When guys have really, really pronounced veins along their forearms and hands. Veiny forearms are my kryptonite, and can make even the least-hot guy immediately 10 times hotter. I once worked as a barista with a guy who had incredible vascularity, and when he and I would be cleaning up, I would secretly stare while he cleared out the leftover ice. Those veiny arms, flexing and unflexing, all taught in the cold. Mmmmm.

15. Stella

My boyfriend used to be heavier before we were together, and he still has stretch marks on the sides of his torso which we affectionately call “tiger stripes.” He’s still a bit self conscious about them, but I absolutely adore them. When his shirt rides up a bit while reaching or cooking… Oh man. Panty dropper.

16. Hope

Backwards hats. I have no idea why. Front-facing, yeah I guess you’re cute. Backwards, holy shit put your face on mine ASAP.

17. Michael

When women are standing and their knees almost bend backwards, it makes them look like dancers, and I find it really elegant for some reason.

18. Katie

Also I am addicted to getting an accidental peak of happy trail when a man is stretching and his shirt lifts up just a bit.

19. Anna

I’m pretty much obsessed with my dog and although he is adorable to me, he’s still not 100% potty trained. When I bring a guy home and he accidentally discovers a surprise mess on the floor (or has actually STEPPED in said mess), and just laughs it off and doesn’t have a tantrum. Immediately gonna bone you.

20. Yael

I find guys that kinda look like Seth Rogen attractive.

21. Adam

Girls that drive really shady-looking cars.

22. Ian

Something I find particularly endearing in partners is an unabashed love of food. I think when we’re trying to be attract a partner we tend to be demure about eating and such because we don’t want to come off as a potential Boyfriend/Girlfriend the Hutt, so it’s very attractive when someone is like “yes I will eat a whole goddamn pizza myself, I do not care, kiss me if you like, etc.”

23. Annie

Any guy wearing a beanie. If they can pull it off, which is a beautiful yet rare occasion, it is magic. All they have to do is wear the beanie. That’s it. Simply google “Zac Efron Beanie Tank Top” and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

24. Becka

I absolutely melt when a guy mentions that he has made out or done more with another guy before. I don’t know why, I guess it’s because so many straight guys can be so uptight about protecting their straightness, but it just really SCREAMS sexy to me.

25. Megan

Lefties. Lefties lefties lefties. Guys who write with their right hand are immediately more sexy, please don’t ask me why.

26. Naima

Guys who are really WASPy and Republican and uptight. Maybe it’s because I’m the opposite of all these things, but I just really want to do terrible things to them sexually, the dirtier the better. (It’s even more of a turn on if I suspect they wouldn’t ever introduce me publicly to friends or family. I want to be their shame-sex.)

27. Jessica

Chest hair…I’m not talking Austin Powers or even Burt Reynolds (Ex. Justin Timberlake post FutureSex/LoveSounds when he probably stopped waxing…aka…a speckling). Bring this up with your girl friends. Just the mention of chest hair turned into a 20 minute conversation.

28. Jake

When girls wear their hair in a messy bun…. 1) It looks like they’re working hard on something, which is attractive in and of itself, but 2) it also reveals their neck, which is a highly underrated body part in my opinion.

29. Elia

When a dude takes my advice. Damn. That’s sexy. This sexy ass mofo was swimming in the lane next to mine at the gym last week and we started chatting. I decided to tell him that I’d noticed his backstroke could use a little work and instead of brushing me off or simply not listening, he took my advice and thanked me when he noticed how much more efficient his stroke was! It was so sexy. He could have had me right there and then in front of the whole gym.

30. Ken

I love when a girl used to be overweight, but lost it and is now fit (through healthy means, of course). I went through the same thing, and now fitness is very important to me, but the girls who were always really lean don’t do it for me, because they don’t get what the struggle is about. But girls who have been there and can relate, I just want to have sex with them right there in the gym.

31. Jasmine

Hipster beards and mustaches. I know, I know, I’m terrible! But I even like the ones that curl up on the end, no matter how corny they are.

32. Malia

When a guy dresses better than I do. Like, really, really well. All I can do when I see a guy who is obsessed with his perfectly-tailored clothes is imagine what it would be like to take them off. Once, a guy insisted in hanging up his suit neatly while we were getting busy because it was custom-made. I thought I was going to pass out. Dandies are so hot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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