32 People On The Struggle Snack They Love To Make When Their Kitchen Is Empty

Last night, I decided to ask Twitter what their go-to “empty kitchen but I need something satisfying snack” was. Full disclosure: I was about to eat spoonfuls of hot chocolate mix, as I do from time to time. Here are their best responses.

1. Matt

I once mixed capers, olives, and mayonnaise together and ate that. My sister eats cottage cheese with jelly.

2. David

Sometimes I like to crush up old, stale cookies I’ve had in my cabinet forever and put them in a cup of milk, like “cookie stew.”

3. Allen

Cheese slices dipped in ketchup. DELISH!

4. Samantha

One time I was super high and had no food, so I made a bowl of buttered popcorn and I mixed it up with a huge ladle full of Nutella and another huge ladle full of peanut butter. Also in middle school, my friends and I would eat packets of hot chocolate on the reg. see also: powdered nesquick.

5. Taylor

Sometimes I just put pre-shredded cheese into a bowl and watch TV.

6. Kailee

Was once so desperately craving chocolate covered espresso beans that I improvised by using an old bag of cheap coffee I had in the back of the cupboard and dipped the individual beans into a small ramekin of chocolate syrup (the kind you put on ice ream). So gross in retrospect – but I unabashedly devoured them at the time.

7. Anna

I once made crescent rolls filled with turkey bacon and mozzarella cheese.

8. Katie

Makeshift cookie dough: Flour, sugar, butter, splash vanilla, a little water. Stir. Add chocolate chips if you’re fancy enough to have them on hand.

I make this way more than I care to admit.

9. Ella

If I want something really salty, sometimes I’ll just take spices like Old Bay or even chicken bouillon, sprinkle a little in my palm, and lick it off. It’s sooo good.

10. Marycathry

I just got a handful of shredded cheese and put it in a small bowl and microwaved it and ate it like that. I didn’t even drain the oil.

11. Evan

I think I once put a single piece of cereal in-between two slices of bread. I wish I could be more certain and tell you it was there, but it was a single piece of cereal in-between two slices of bread.

12. Harris

Last night I really wanted a chocolate croissant but all I had was wheat bread and a Cadbury egg. Microwaved the Cadbury egg on top of a slice of bread. Wrapped the bread around the melted egg, and there you go. Almost burned my tongue off.

13. Dan

One of the best struggle snacks of all time is dipping Doritos in hummus. It totally defeats the purpose of eating hummus, but it’s amazing.

14. Clari

1) dulce de leche (Argentina’s upgraded version of caramel) with Frosted Flakes
2) Cream and a TON of sugar without even whipping it, just mixing it up
3) Eating marmalade out of the jar
4) I have, at some point, literally drunk condensed milk from the can

15. Katie

Nothing tastes more like poverty than Ramen and taco bell hot sauce.

16. Carley

I went grocery shopping last night for the first time in two weeks, because #seamless, but the previous night I was so desperate that I ate hot sauce drizzled over Triscuits. TRISCUITS. So depressing.

17. Katherine

My roommate and I once ate an entire bag of salad mix, no dressing, like potato chips.

18. Molly

I am the king of desperate comfort food. I melted baker’s chocolate and mixed it with milk and pancake mix for “brownies”

19. Kate

I’ve put peanut butter on a cracker and then topped it with a dollop of cottage cheese.

20. Daniella

Coconut oil out of the jar when it was solid.. but like shoveling way more spoonfuls than any normal person should ever eat.

21. Esteban

Once I was so desperate I mixed a small pack of Sun Maid raisins and some grated coconut I found in my cupboard

22. Maria

Sometimes I mix a spoon of powder milk with a spoon of sugar and a little bit of water. It’s weird and lumpy but it tastes good, especially when I’m desperate for something sweet.

23. Jade

Marshmallow fluff on graham crackers makes for a pretty good dessert!

24. Michael

Dipping chips (or vegetable stix) in ketchup.

25. Kiera

Sometimes I microwave a little bit of cheese and eat it with slices of apples. It feels so fancy but it’s just about the trashiest thing you can make.

26. Emily

I melt chocolate chips and peanut butter together and eat with a spoon.

27. Michael

Canned pumpkin pie filling with a spoon do not eff with meeeee.

28. Tiffany

You can mix flour with water, put it in the microwave and it makes a sorta-bread. Melt cheese on that and it’s basically food.

29. Nick

Dipping matzoh in U-Bet chocolate syrup.

30. Jasmine

Mine is hot chocolate mix in a bowl with some milk as a sad non-pudding thing that I licked sparkling clean.

31. Chloe

Dipping potato chips in either chocolate syrup or Nutella. I like to tell myself it’s a struggle snack, but it’s basically just delicious and amazing.

32. Marta

Cottage cheese with hot sauce. You can put it on bread. I know, it’s gross, but I love it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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