31 Police Officers Reveal The Most Unbelievable Arrest They’ve Ever Had To Make

26. The image of this is now seared onto my brain.

Working the night shift when a job came up that there was a woman, naked, riding a horse while directing traffic at an intersection.

27. Don’t do what this guy did.

There was recently a news story around here about a man who called in a fake murder to try and avoid a speeding ticket. He’s got like 5 years in jail now.

28. He definitely caught the suspect.

Not me, but my dad — they got a tip about a murder suspect holed up in a certain house, so they went to surround the building. My dad went around back, and the guy they were looking for jumps out of a second-story window and right into my dad’s arms — as in, he literally caught the suspect.

29. By now everyone should know not to test a cop.

My dad used to be a cop and while he was dating my mom he had to arrest her brother. The guy did a donut on a teacher’s front yard while he was home. He thought he wouldn’t get arrested because his sister was dating a cop. Needless to say her family didn’t like my dad after that.


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