31 Police Officers Reveal The Most Unbelievable Arrest They’ve Ever Had To Make

12. This has to be the worst possible scenario any cop has ever walked into.

This campus police officer from my university told me about this one time where they had to make a house call because of a domestic dispute happening between the gay couple that lived there. They showed up and saw that one of the men had killed the other, and had decapitated them. He apparently had also started to eat cereal/soup/whatever out of the top of his skull, with blood and brains everywhere.

13. If you’re running from the cops, try not to pass out on the way.

One of my Dad’s favorite stories was that he was in a car chase with a suspect. Backup was en-route but hadn’t arrived yet so it was only my Dad. After a bit the guy bails and it turns into a foot pursuit. After a bit the guy ran into a DARK alleyway and my Dad realized that he’d forgotten his maglight in the charger inside his car. Needless to say, he decided NOT to enter the dark ally and walked back to his car to get his flashlight/wait for backup.

A few minutes later they figured the guy was LONG gone but decided to check the alleyway anyhow. They found the guy knocked out cold on the pavement. He’d run full speed into a waist high fence and cracked his head on the pavement.

When the guy finally woke up he wanted to file a complaint, saying: “Police brutality! That cracker cop hit me on the head with his flashlight!” I don’t know if they had to call the amber lamps for him.

14. A devastating story.

A cop friend who was in Florida told me that they got a call to go to a house where a father had called 911 because his baby had died.

When they got there the father was super high (meth, testing showed) and told them his daughters body was in the kitchen. Apparently he had given his 4-month-old daughter a bath, and then put her in the microwave to dry her off. He doesn’t work there anymore.


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