31 Police Officers Reveal The Most Unbelievable Arrest They’ve Ever Had To Make

7. You’d think they’d all know better?

I arrested 2 pregnant women for assaulting a third pregnant woman.

8. This HAS to be the worst part of being a cop.

I’m not a cop, but I saw a cop frisking a fat guy at an airport. Eventually he reached into the guy’s fat roll and pulled out a weed bag.

9. Apparently cops don’t always want to get you in trouble.

Had to nick a bloke for littering! I thought it was pretty unbelievable. Why didn’t you pick it up mate? I gave you so many opportunities. Then he wouldn’t supply details so he could be summoned to court, so he came in.

10. A seriously close call for one officer.

Did that job for 10 years, been out for 15 now.

I was only about 3 years in. Working the highway, lots of big accidents and lots of decimated cars and families. I stopped a convertible with 2 guys up front, 2 in the back seat. There are shell casings around the floor boards. I cuff the driver and the front seat passenger. Put them in the back seat, and I leave my voice recorder going in my car. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in a patrol car. I got back to the car, and pull the two from the back out and wait for assistance. Eventually, since I’m on a highway 20 min from help, someone shows up to watch the two from the back seat. I sit down in my car, and listen to the recording.

They had just done a drive by on a group of people. The pistol was inside the rear right seat, hidden. The two in my car were arguing over who was supposed to have shot me when I walked up to the car, but flaked because I seemed to be on to them and had my hand on my weapon on approach.

11. Way to stay inconspicuous!

In the nineties, my uncle was working as a corrections officer. During processing, a suspect makes a break for it, making it into the nearby woods. The suspect makes every logical choice to evade the dogs, he threw clothes in random directions, back tracked, even crossed a number of small streams and rivers. After an hour long man hunt he was surrounded and caught. It was late at night, and he was flabbergasted that he was apprehended so quickly. The reason? He was wearing those LA Gears light up shoes.


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