31 Police Officers Reveal The Most Unbelievable Arrest They’ve Ever Had To Make

Super Troopers / Amazon.com
Super Troopers / Amazon.com
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1. There’s Pokemon. And then there’s Pokemon porn.

My cop friend had to break up a Pokemon porn film set.

2. Don’t believe everything a cop says!

True story: I was a cop back in the day and had a guy bail out on me and run into the woods. I yelled as loud as I could “Come out or I send in the dog!!!” The guy hollered something to the effect of “I’m coming!!” And proceeded to come back out of the woods. After I handcuffed him and put him in the back seat he finally realized there was no dog…. Poor fella.

3. Seems like an irresponsible way to go about dealing with a drunk driver?

My step father once pulled over a drunk driver in 70-80’s during the middle of the night while on the way to a much more serious crime in progress, so he didn’t have too much time. He should have arrested the driver, but instead decided to throw his keys into the field next to the car saying, “Once you find those you’ll be sober enough to drive.” Then immediately sped off.

4. What a great mom.

Arrested a lady driving an old van with all of the chairs and seats pulled out. It looked like a tiny dance floor with complete with a tiny disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

I passed her on a small road going 70 in a 40 and she was swerving all over the place. Turned around and pulled her over. Turns out she was hammered drunk with 4 kids sliding around in the back with no seats or seatbelts, obviously. Very, very dangerous and it pissed me off that she’d do that to her kids.

Full field sobriety test and had her admit she’d been drinking after she “had a few at the bar.” A few shots, maybe. I felt bad for the kids so I had their grandmother come and pick them up and take the vehicle so I didn’t have to tow it because I was taking her to jail.

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