36 Ex-Cons And Prison Guards Share Their Craziest, Most Unbelievable Stories From Prison

Orange Is The New Black / Amazon.com
Orange Is The New Black / Amazon.com
Found on AskReddit.

1. Apparently suicide in prison is an everyday kind of thing.

Cousin got out recently.

Craziest thing he saw was during his lunch one day, some guy intentionally leaning over a third story railing and falling on his head, breaking his neck and killing him after a few gargling moments later.

Everyone just kinda looked over, went “Huh…fuck. That looked like it sucked.” and went back to eating.

2. Well that sounds unsettling!

Was in prison watching the news. The story on was about a kid who had stabbed two kids. He was sitting right next to me. We both shared a brief glance, then went back to our fruit loops.

3. It’s sad how desperate the meth addicts in prison get.

I have a friend in law that works at a county prison and the craziest thing she has seen is when a new meth user comes in the other meth addicts will lick any sores they have because some of the chemicals will leak out.

4. So ‘Orange Is The New Black’ is more realistic than I thought.

I was in the circle with this guy who was a diabetic and the c/o’s denied him his medicine saying he was a liar an he really didn’t have diabetes. He ended up dying the next day. Probably we’re looking for a violent story but I just thought that shit was pretty crazy they later on said they gave him his insulin but he refused to take it.

5. He would know.

A prisoner called into a local radio show. He said they once let a group of them watch a movie. The movie was some horror movie. He said, when the killer snuck up behind some girl and slit her throat, the guy next to him said, “that’s not what it looks like.”

6. This guy had a pretty shitty life.

Most f*’d up thing I ever saw was a man who had spent 27 years in prison and was about to be released after DNA proved his innocence via the “actual innocence project” was killed by some young kid that was 18 because the Aryans wanted him to be made an example of …Now a kid that was going to serve six months is serving life, and a man who served life died due to injuries and age, all for some gang bull….

7. Fourth time’s a charm…?

My friend works at a prison hospital. A guy was sent there because the guards found out he had swallowed a balloon of heroin. They were basically just waiting for him to pass it. When he did, he immediately dug it out of his own shit and ate it again. So they waited for him to pass it yet again, watching him more carefully this time, but when he did he somehow fought and got to his shit again and ate it a third time. I have no idea what this guy was trying to accomplish by continuing to eat the balloon again, but it almost burst inside him and could have killed him if he had been able to swallow it a fourth time.

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