41 People Share Their Favorite Apps That No One Else Knows About

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1. An app that promises you’ll never be put on hold.

FastCustomer – no more waiting on hold. The app calls the company, navigates the tree, waits on hold and calls you when the other line picks up.

2. An app that records you in your sleep.

Sleep Talk Recorder

As a consistent, loud, vocal sleep talker this is perfect for me, turn it on right before bed and when it picks up any audio that exceeds the volume you calibrate it at, it begins recording. You can then go through the little snippets your recorder picked up in the morning. The audio is very good quality.

Here’s the link if you’re interested

3. A multiplayer space ship game.

SpaceTeam. It is a multiplayer game only. You and up the three of your friends have to work together to keep your space ship flying. Each player has a different set of controls on their screen and you have to shout out different commands for the other players to complete. It is 1000 times better after a million beers. Available for IOS and Droid.

4. An app that converts photos into PDFs.


It converts pictures you take with your camera into PDFs. Saved my bacon a couple of times when I didn’t have a scanner around. Even gets rid of some shadows and can deal with angles.

5. An app that allows you to share awesome photos with random people.

Rando, you take a picture and it gets sent to another random user. Then, after you have sent your picture, you get a random picture. The only shared info is approximate location so you can see where your picture went, and where the picture you received is from. If you use this app, please send interesting pictures, and not of your computer screen or your bland bedroom wall. Go outside and share what your piece of the world looks like.

6. An app that simulates a zombi apocalypse.

Zombies, Run!

It uses your Google Maps and adds little zombies around you. So you have to walk around them in real life or get eaten on the game. It’s a lot of fun if you can get friends into it too!

7. An app for more intricate notifications.

Light Flow (play store) lets you set up custom LED and sound notifications for different events on your phone, like a different color or different flashing speed for text messages from different contacts, or a different ringtones for different people. I love it.

8. An app for a power nap.

Power Nap – Can have naps without entering a deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed every time.

9. An app that helps to eliminate procrastination.


It’s a great app for procrastinators. It helps you with time management and making sure you get shit done.

10. An app that eliminates vertical photos.

HORIZON. It’s still needs work but… You take video with it and it ALWAYS films in landscape mode no matter how you hold the phone. Fuck vertical video.

11. An app that’s better than Adobe Photoshop.

Snapseed, Google’s image editing app. I pretty much use it for every picture I take with my phone now, it has an amazing user interface and does things that can’t be done as easily even with Adobe Photoshop on the computer. It’s an all round incredible app.

12. An app that calculates how much time you’ve gotten paid to sit on the toilet.

PoopSalary (android).

Basically uses your salary or hourly wages and applies them to a timer you start while pooping, tells you some statistics like how much you’ve been paid to shit etc.

13. An app that allows you to customize notifications.

Do Not Disturb, free in the Play Store. You can set your phone to stop notifications at certain times, allow only starred numbers to ring through, and stop the notification light. Auto on and off at certain times.

14. An anonymous Twitter app.

Yik Yak. Anonymous tweets that only the closest 500 people can see.

15. An app that helps you out when you need to take a bathroom break in the middle of a movie.

Runpee. When you go to a movie theatre you start a timer at the beginning of the movie and it tells you when you can go to the bathroom without missing much. It also gives you a summary of what you missed.

16. An app that automatically makes an itinerary for your trips.

Tripit. Can download on play store. Just forward ALL your travel related emails (e.g. Expedia, flight confirmation, hotel, plans) to an email address and the app builds your itinerary/schedule so all the info is in one place. Super handy to have and eliminates the need to print a bunch of things or dig up emails. You can even share your itinerary with others via email and edit trips together.

17. An addictive, scientific game.


I haven’t heard it mentioned in nearly 5 years, but fuck me, this game is addictive. You have to combine elements to create others.

18. A Pandora-like app, but better.

Songza. It’s like Pandora but I think it’s sooooo much better. No one IRL seems to know of it. They have playlists based on the activities you’re doing, what mood you’re in, genre, etc. There is a playlist called “Girl, Hold My Earrings”; it’s funny titles like this that get me, and the best part is that the title totally fits the song selection. There are SFW playlists as well.

The app is really nicely designed and they don’t run audio ads, just ones at the bottom (occasionally I’ve seen a video ad run before a playlist starts, but it seems quite rare).

19. An app that allows couples to chat and share in privacy.

Couple. It’s an app for couples! You link up and then it’s a secret chatting channel while also being a cloud for pictures, movies, happenings, anniversaries and lists! My S/O and I usually use it for sexting and grocery shopping.

A++, would recommend.

20. An intellectual time-waster.

QuizUp – really nice time waster.

21. A learning app for kids.

For parents of young children (0-4).

Flannel Animals, because my wife and I made it and our friends’ kids seem to like it a lot.

You basically just tap an animal and it says the name of the animal, tap it again and it makes that animal’s sound, tap it again and you’re on to a new animal. I think it’s kinda fun.

22. An app that takes note of everywhere you poop.

Places I’ve Pooped.

Wanna keep track of all the kids you’ve dropped off at the pool? Of course you do, don’t be a liar.

23. An app that locates the closest Finnish liquor store.

Alkoon,” it’s an app that shows the location of nearest Alko (finnish liqour store). I may or may not be slightly alcoholic.

24. An amazing online shopping app.

Wanelo. It has a lot of weird clothes and stuff like that on it, it’s kind of an online store.

25. An app that allows you to download Pokemon hacks.

The Gameboy Emulator for iOS. It’s simple to use and to download ROMs. You have to manually set your clock back to install it, but that’s it. Then, voila! You can also download a bunch of the Pokemon hacks, as well as hundreds of others.

26. An app that makes parts of your phone private when others are using it.

Obstructer. It blocks access to your content when you let others use your phone.

27. An app for your never-ending grocery shopping list.

Out of Milk – Not sure if it qualifies as ‘no one knows about’ but my wife and I both use “Out of Milk”. It is a simple to use grocery list app that you can share and update from your phone or their website. Makes it simple to keep a shared, up-to-date grocery list. It even shows coupons for the stores geo-close to you. It has made keeping a grocery list so much simpler, you just ‘add to the list’ in the moment. You can have multiple lists, so I have added a list for each favorite recipes, so I do not have to remember the ingredients while shopping. I also have lists for different types of stores, i.e. Hardware store, Office supplies, etc. Then when I am shopping at that type of store, I just pull up the list to see if there is anything else that I need. Grabbed it off the Play Store.

28. An app that you can use to pay people with.

Venmo. It lets you use your phone to exchange money with anyone who has the app and its completely free. I barely ever exchange real cash with my friends anymore.

29. An awesome music-related app.

Cytus. Hands down the best rhythm game I have played on any device ever. Hardly any of the songs are English (with a large amount being Japanese / some language I can’t understand) but the majority are electronic / dubstep kinda stuff. I can’t get over how good it is. Its also free, so yeah go check it out and get it to 500,000 downloads so they give us another 10 free songs. :)

30. A Zelda tribute app.

Swordigo on play store. A terrific Zelda tribute. Free, no in-app purchases or ads. I figure the reason it’s free is because it’s such an obvious rip-off of Zelda n64 era games. All around decent game even if it does lack depth.

31. An app that helps you find the nearest bathroom and lets you rent out your bathroom too.

It’s a web app but AirPnp. Need a bathroom at a busy event? See people who’ve offered up theirs. You may have to pay but when you gotta go it can be worth it.

You can also list your bathroom for a fee. Basically it’s AirBnB but for bathrooms.

32. An app that gives you access to movies and TV shows.

Cartoon HD you have to download it “off the market” so it seems sketchy but it lets you stream all sorts of great movies and TV shows. Screenshot.

33. An app that makes your screen less bright, and easier on the eyes.

F.lux reduces a crazy amount of stress on your eyes by dimming your screen a yellowish sort of color. It is seriously the most amazing thing for late night redditing.

34. An app that allows you to continue on your phone what you were doing on your computer.

Chrome 2 phone. Simple app, you click the button in the top right of Chrome (addon), and it sends whatever page you are on to your phone so you can continue reading it on the bog or whatever.

35. An app that adds cats to any photo.

CatPaint, it lets you take a photo that doesn’t have cats in it, and make it into a photo that DOES have cats in it.

36. A spectacular educational app.

Anki for learning new languages and a whole lot of other stuff, general knowledge etc…, available for android systems through Google play.

37. A beer app.

UNTAPPD. It keeps track of all the beers you drink and gives you badges for it. It also makes you feel like you have less of a drinking problem.

38. An app that will give you the opportunity to win Google credit.

Google opinion rewards — you get Google play store credit for answering super short surveys.

39. Basically a personal assistant in an app.

I use Twist on a daily basis. To put it simply, you type in where you are going and who you are meeting. When you leave your destination, the app sends the recipients a text message (or email) on when they can expect your arrival.

You can also use it to set up reminders for future events. If you do this, the app will let you know when you should leave to make it to the event on time.

Furthermore, the app can be set when you send your friend a twist, they can see where you are, and how close you are to their place.
Available on iOS and Android.

40. An app that makes you clean.

Unfuck Your Habitat; a house cleaning app for people with low cleaning motivation.

41. An app that allows you to add special effects to your videos.

Action Movie FX. It lets you add effects to videos you recorded in real time. It’s pretty fucking neat. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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