The 34 Greatest Riddles Of All Time
Found on AskReddit.

1. Compunerd3

What has rivers with no water, forests but no trees and cities with no buildings?

2. neonflannel

What is easier to pick up the heavier it gets? Click...and look in the address bar.

3. N-Depths[S]

What has a tongue, cannot walk, but gets around a lot?

4. rieldilpikl

When you don’t have me, you want me, but when you do have me, you want to give me away. What am I?

A secret.

5. justarandomhobo

Two Fathers and their two sons going to the woods, rabbit hunting. Each of them shoots one rabbit and takes it home. They don’t lose any, but have three rabbits, when they arrive. How is that possible?

6. morreo

What asks but never answers?

7. passing_gas

Fatherless, motherless and born without skin, I speak when I come into the world, but never speak again. What am I?

8. MrDonamus

A man on one side of the world is walking a tight rope. A man on the other side of the world is getting a blowjob from an old lady. They think the same thing at the same time. What were they thinking?

9. GenericShenanigans

What gets shorter as it gets older? What gets wetter the more you dry?

10. NinjahBob

A casket with no hinges nor lid, and yet inside golden treasure is hid.

11. Stephy-Sunshine

Two men are in a desert. They both have packs on. One of the guys is dead. The guy who is alive has his pack open, the guy who is dead has his pack closed. What is in the pack?

12. George_E_Hale

This is easy, but surprisingly difficult for many people to get right on the first guess.
A man in a courtyard is observing another man in a window high above.
You approach the man in the courtyard and ask “Who’s that in the window?”
The man in the courtyard says:”Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man’s father is my father’s son.”
Who is the man in the window?

THe man in the window is the son of the man in the courtyard.

13. CatchingRays

You are renting a new house. The previous renters were drug dealers. There is a large vault in the basement. What’s in the safe?

14. DatLolleren

A woman’s mother died, and at the funeral, the woman met the love of her life. They talked a lot, but never exchanged names, numbers etc.She looked for the man, asked some of the family if they knew, who the man was. No one knew.A couple of days later, she killed her sister. Why?

The answer: She killed her sister hoping the man would show up again at the funeral. It was used as a question to find out, if a person was (thinking as) a psychopath or not. If you could answer the question right away, without much thinking, you are thinking the same way as a psychopath.

15. Kenergy89

You went to the forest and got me, you sat down to seek me, you went home because you couldn’t find me.

16. sugah_tits

A boy is taking a hike when he spots a cabin in the woods. He goes up to it and looks through the window, only to see dozens of dead bodies. None of them show any signs of gunshots, stab wounds or any other foul play. How did they die?

17. LightningMaiden

I am colored red, blue, and yellow and every other hue of the rainbow. I am thick and thin, short and tall. I can eat a hundred sheep in a row and still be hungry. What am I?

18. FatPlatypus

What is greater than God, but more evil than the devil? The rich need it, but the poor already have it. If you eat it, you will die.

19. LFK1236

What is teary-eyed but never cries? Silver-tongued, but never lies? Double-winged, but never flies? Air-cooled, but never dries?

20. zigz321

This works if you say it rather than written out but: One knight, a king, and a queen were flying in an airplane. The king and the queen died. Who was still alive?

21. BrownByYou

If you say my name, I’m not here anymore, what am I?

And another one: Snow White was having dinner with the dwarves, they asked for more food and so snow white went to get some more food, how many seconds did she take?

22. DrDoozie

A man is sentenced to death by shooting squad. He is to have his hands and feet bound during the execution and is to be executed in a private bulletproof room where no one is allowed to leave or enter until after the execution. Right before he is about to be shot down by the squad, he is granted one last(plausible) wish. After the wish is granted and the man is shot and killed with each soldier shooting only once at the man, the whole shooting squad dies along with him. What was the man’s last wish?

23. IsThatAReasonToLeave

A mans wife is murdered. Police ask him what happened. He says he forgot his keys and was locked out of the house. He went to the window and wiped the condensation off and saw his butler strangle his wife. Who killed the wife and why.

24. panda_nectar

A man is stranded on a deserted island in the middle of a very large and deep lake. He cannot swim and no one is coming to rescue him. He has no boat or the means to make one. How does he finally get back to the mainland?

25. IsThatAReasonToLeave

A man has hung himself, there is no chair underneath him, only a puddle of water. How is this possible?

26. SmithBeast

What has a mouth but cannot talk and runs but never walks?

26. sonap3

What is the next number in the series. The series can continue on forever: 1, 11, 21, 1211…

27. brandonjd94

4 letter sport that starts with a T and is played all around the world?

28. chanduChutya

What animal can’t fly but still flies?

29. MIsado

What can you put in to a barrel to make it lighter?

30. residentskitz

A boat has a ladder off the side that extends 12 inches into the water. If the water level falls 10 inches, then rises 8 inches, how much of the ladder is still in the water?

31. crashusmaximus

Ohhhh I have a good one for you Trebek! What’s green, red, orange, yellow… I can’t remember how this ends but your mother is a whore.

32. fraulien_buzz_kill

The dead eat me, but if the living eat me, they’ll die. What am I?

33. Rogue_Tomato

A man rides into town by horse on Wednesday. He stays in the town for 3 days and leaves on Wednesday. How is this possible?

34. HansSven

What word starts with “E” and ends with “E”, but only has one letter?
(answer is not the letter “E”.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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