42 People Share Their Brilliant Food Combinations You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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1. YesRocketScience

Fried egg atop a hamburger. Pure unrefined joy.

2. rooble

Waffles and peanut butter.

3. thehonestyfish

French fries, cheese curds, and beef gravy.

Canada is on the ball with this one.

4. dummystupid

Tuna fish in mac and cheese. Its a great way to fill up and doesn’t taste bad either. The bonus is that you can make pounds of the stuff for just a few dollars.

5. structuralbiology

Peanut butter, whipped cream cheese, and some Truvia and cinnamon. On keto, it tastes like peanut butter cheesecake.

6. PrettyPeaceful

Alton Brown likes Fritos dipped in caramel dip.

7. StickleyMan

Chocolate milk and salt. I saw it on Modern Family and had to try it. It’s fantastic. Also, salt and watermelon. Maybe I just really like salt.

8. newskit

Macaroni and cheese with Tabasco sauce.

9. c4nn4bu77er

French fries and VANILLA ice cream. Or Cheetos and vanilla ice cream. not the crunchy or spicy ones, the puffed ones. Dip a puffed Cheeto in some ice cream and eat it and you will never look back.

10. iam4real

Soy sauce + cooking wine = Teriyaki!

11. RhodesP90

Banana on Toast. It just works.

12. Just_Being_Friendly

Lychee and ginger. It makes an incredible mixer.

13. TheGreatPastaWars

Cheese and honey. Not just any cheese, you have to experiment to see what pairs well, but man, a strong blue with honey is very good.

Also, it sounds immoral, but man, a breakfast sandwich with eggs and jelly is awesome. And meatballs slow cooked with jelly and ketchup is also really good. JUST TRUST ME, I KNOW KARATE.

14. Jay2TheMellow

Put potato chips in the freezer. You’ll thank me later.

15. stengebt

Wendy’s frosty and fries.

16. richgillis10

Raspberry or strawberry jam, WITH plain cream cheese on a toasted bagel.

17. Redraiders56

Ketchup and eggs. Very underrated.

18. birdstrom

Avocado + Toast + Soft Boiled egg.

19. ValenteGaming

A few years ago I was at a friends house watching movies and shit. We decide to order pizza, cool no worries, we go pick it up bring it back to her house and I’m ready to go to town on this motherfucker when she gets a lemon out of her fridge, slices it up and squirts the lemon juice all over this meat lover’s pizza. Naturally I asked her what the fuck was wrong with her but she convinced me to try it and wow, it was surprisingly good I recommend trying it.

20. gravymustache

Honey and sticky rice. Sweet, sweet energy!

21. no_talent_ass_clown

French fries and sour cream. Wendy’s has sour cream packets and good fries for this. Makes sense when you think about it. You put sour cream on a potato, and there’s sour cream and onion potato chips.

22. structuralbiology

Strawberries, pepper, and balsamic vinegar. As I am writing this, I’m drooling on my keyboard.

23. balance_

Kiwi + peanut butter.

24. dietmountainjew

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a layer of Doritos inside.

25. flight_ofthe_kiwi

Pulled pork motherfucking nachos!

26. boblikesbeer

A crumpet, with butter, jam of your choice and cheese then put that fucker in the grill till the cheese melts. Don’t ask. Try it.

27. what_ismylife

Mango jelly on a grilled cheese sandwich. There’s a restaurant in my hometown that serves this. It’s seriously amazing.

128. mighty_lion

Mayonnaise on corn. It shouldn’t go together, but it does.

29. walkerrj

Plain Greek yogurt to replace sour cream or mayonnaise in just about any recipe. My favorites are loaded nachos with Greek yogurt on top, baked potato, or tuna sandwich.

30. flipsied

Peanut butter hamburger! Syrup on eggs, super under rated.

31. z_omg

Fried egg, can of tuna, bowl of rice. Mix that shit up. Cheap source of carbs n protein, and tastes pretty good too.

32. greenyellowbird

Doritos and egg salad.

33. LyndaT13

Mashed potatoes and A-1 sauce.

34. Frontedeyed

Onions cooked with sugar and balsamic vinegar for ten minutes. It actually tastes like Peking Duck.

35. MechanicalTortoise

Grilled Cheese with slice green apples and baked chicken inside, with a side of red pepper tomato soup with Sriracha.

Also, my fiancée swears by frosting and tortilla chips being a weird but great combination.

35. amandamned

Bacon and banana pepper as pizza toppings.

36. ThatGuyDes

Grilled PB&J. They’re fucking perfection.

37. Hajimemashou

Get some: Italian salad dressing Grape jelly Steak sauce Two slices turkey breast Two slices Swiss cheese potato chips. And stack that shit in a sandwich.

38. tallrob

A really good aged balsamic vinegar and vanilla ice cream.

39. sdali

Maple syrup on popcorn is heaven.

40. MalkaMania

Hot sauce and rice.

41. Hibble_hobble

Tinned tuna and instant noodles (American ramen maybe) cheap, tasty and quick.

42. nigel_choo

Fried rice and ketchup. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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