30 Things Americans Do That Will Make Any British Person Angry

Found on AskReddit.

1. binkatron

Making tea in the wrong order. Ever since that debacle in Boston where you put the tea in AFTER THE WATER, you’ve been finding new ways to fuck with it.

If I see another one of you putting the milk in first I’ll be right round there and so help me I’ll tut so loudly.

2. straydog1980

The fries/chips/crisps circle boggles the mind.

3. arabidopsis

Your unit of a pint being less than our pint.


4. olafthebent

When you install software and the language selection says “English” with an American flag next to it.

5. centipod

“Bangs” (fringe) always makes me chuckle.

6. The_Lukewarm

Pronouncing niche as nitch. It’s French for fuck sake, you wouldn’t call a quiche a quitch.

7. Jalaguy

Burglarize. Seriously, what the hell kind of verb is that? It’d be like calling building “builderizing.”

8. itsactuallyadam

As a Starbucks employee in an English store, I can tell you the most annoying thing for Brits is when we ask for their name to write on a paper cup.

9. TigrGoRawr

Fanny. Sorry but that word does not mean butt. It means vagina. Reading an American book where a guy slapped a girl on her ‘fanny’ confused the hell out of me when I first heard it, what did he do, scoop and slap or something! :/

10. MattN92

Definitely the use of “British accent” to mean “middle class London accent.” There are other countries in Britain, and even significantly different accents in England. No one even calls a Geordie accent, never mind a Scottish or Welsh one, “a British accent.”

11. Iwantalion

After spending a few months in the States last year, I apparently arrived home with one variation to my language: (e.g.) “Would you like… or not?” “are you going to… or not?” became “would you like… or no?” “are you going to… or no?” I’ve only ever heard the latter come from Americans.

Also, “tan”. Here in the UK, we say when someone has a tan that they are tannED. “Have you been on holiday; you look really tan” just doesn’t compute; add the “-ed” suffix and everything sounds okay again.

12. Mankyliam

“Carmel” instead of “Caramel” This really annoys me, especially on cooking shows.

13. jampar5000

Not sure if it is an Americanism or not, but use of the word addicting in place of addictive. E.g. I find the game very addicting.

14. stackatron

DATES. Day/Month/Year. It clearly goes in order of length. Anything else is just ridiculous.

15. shinealittlelove

Anything spelt with a z that should be spelt with an s.

16. SamboD

British music artists singing in American accents.

17. DoiTasteGood

COLOR!!! Especially when people correct me when I spell it the UK way with a U.

18. DooWaDitty

How you guys say Iraq as Ayeraq. Oh and aluminum.

19. TuckRaker

As a Canadian, it really bugs me that the US President is referred to as “The Leader of the Free World.” As if no other developed country (or undeveloped for that matter) matters in the slightest. It’s pure arrogance to say it.

20. tritter211

Could of, should of, and would of. Valley Girl accent.

21. stackatron

I find most British people aren’t aware of this, but when reading out numbers, e.g. 301 it’s three hundred and one, not three hundred one.

22. sals7tmp

Top Gear. British Top Gear is amazing and the American one is shit.

23. seedot11

“Math”. Um, I think you forgot to finish your word there, pal.

24. hall0weenie

It just annoys me that American TV companies (or whatever) take ALL our best shows and make some shitty watered down manicured American version of it (E.g. the Office, Skins, and now the Inbetweeners!)

25. NGU-Ben

I can’t be the only one.

When an American or anyone for that matter says “He/she has a British accent.” IT’S ENGLISH, WELSH, IRISH OR SCOTTISH ACCENT.

26. ThePhlogist

People saying “period.” My company law lecturer says this instead of “full stop.” I can’t help but think of…y’know…periods. It’s grim.

27. gangaftaglee

“A couple things.” There’s an “of” missing.

28. infamousdomain

Pants are not trousers. Pants are underwear.

29. majestichobo

Why do you call burgers ‘hamburgers’? They don’t have ham in them…

30. Pagey91

Americans cant swear like the British can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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