13 Men Describe The Most Appealing Thing A Woman Can Wear On A First Date

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1. All about the lips.

Red lipstick. Wicked!

2. Sweater weather.

An oversized thick sweater.I have a fetish for women in sweaters so this would drive me crazy with lust through the whole date.

3. Something simple. Something fitted.

Not much make-up and something simple that fits your body. The same way a skinny lady wouldn’t benefit from saggy clothes, a chubby one wouldn’t benefit from skinny clothes. Just grab something simples that fits your body and wear a smile on that face. :)

4. Don’t be too hot?

I won’t notice her clothes at the first date unless she really made an effort to look hot. I am mostly focused on her lips, eyes and facial expressions. If she, however, dressed to be the hot femme fatale, then I’ll probably see her as a sexual and not a romantic partner.

5. No Granny panties.

Sorry but most men are not very into fashion. I will say however I always take hints from the underwear a girl wears. Cotton is just for friends on a casual night out. The nice stuff tells me she picked that out because she wants it to go somewhere. And the thick waistband granny panties tell me to stay away because a tampon has beat me there.

 6. Dress for the occasion.

Just dress appropriately for the venue.

At a nice italian place for a first date and she shows up in running pants and an athletic top. Feels a little awkward when I’m in pressed slacks and a button-up.

Come to think of it, this has happened a few times.

7. Classic LBD.

Gotta love that little black dress.

8. Good smells.

Nice smelling perfume and a smile.

9. Normcore. 

My opinion may not be the popular one here, but I usually prefer them to dress normally. While I personally make an effort to dress up because I know it’s most girls would like, I’m actually not a fan of seeing a girl caked with make up wearing something super sexy on the first date (barring like a really fancy dinner date). It kind of makes me feel like they’re trying too hard or are vain. I simply prefer something cute and stylish.

10. Seems easy enough.

A sundress if its summer. Conservative but sexy.

11. Dress like you’re a white girl on her way to Starbucks.

Yoga pants. Sexy and leaves nothing to the imagination.

12.  Um, that’s weird.

A pearl necklace and nothing else.

13. Good vibes all around.

The most appealing thing we can wear on a first date is an excellent attitude and a genuine smile! Get out there and be somebody today! Stay gold. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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