30 Things That Need To Stop Being Sexualized Because It's Annoying AF 

30 Things That Need To Stop Being Sexualized Because It’s Annoying AF

Ask Reddit wants you to stop sexualizing the following things ASAP.

1. Going on your knees or bending over. I always hesitate to pick up things and often reposition myself.

2. Yoga pants! They’re comfortable and practical whilst practicing yoga. WTF is up with people?!

3. Cheerleaders. Cheerleading is a predominantly high school sport and most cheerleaders are children. It’s icky.

4. Being nice. I hate when I’m decent towards a guy and they get pissed when I don’t like them.

5. Lesbians — no we will not makeout for you to watch. No, you cannot join. Yes, we are in a REAL relationship. And for the love of God stop asking how we have sex.

6. Massages. Like dude, if you’re going to offer me a massage when my body hurts then ACTUALLY massage me. I’ll let you touch my butt in a minute just ffs please rub my muscles out.

7. Popsicles, bananas, lollipops, candy canes… I just want to eat without weird looks/comments.

8. Long over the knee socks. Winter is cold, mate. I’d like to be able to wear them with tights and a mid to shortish length skirt without it being assumed that I’m going for a schoolgirl/porn vibe.

9. The word daddy. My kids gonna call me bruh and shit.

10. Sexualizing daddy/mommy issues. Your dad abused you? Oh you must like being hit and choked and made to feel like you’re worthless. That’s one of the most mentally unhealthy things I’ve ever heard of. How can people live like that willingly?

11. Women getting murdered. Horror movies and reenactments in shows like Cold Case Files, the woman murder victim is always wearing like sexy lingerie to get brutally killed in.

12. Boobies. Damn it would be so cool to be able to go shirtless on a hot day without people being creepy about it.

13. Male-female friendships. I’m incredibly tired of having to explain and justify my awesome and supportive friendships to others.

14. Female nipples. Why do they blur out the female ones on TV, but males are fine going topless? It’s infuriating.

15. Bra straps.

16. Breastfeeding.

17. Halloween costumes that shouldn’t be sexy: Spongebob, Elmo, nuns, children’s cartoon/game characters, etc.

18. School uniforms.

19. Clothes. I seriously hate dresses and skirts because it is so sexualized that I’m seriously worried people will think I’m ‘asking’ for it because I want to wear a dress and look pretty.

20. Student-teacher relationships. The other day I was doing a project with this girl who was complaining that in one of her other classes, all the teacher did was talk about her favorite student and then she said there might be something going on and ughhh I hate that shit.

21. Mental illness. Manic pixie dream girls. Depressed goths. Socially anxious, low self-esteem nerdy girls.

22. Cosplay. And not the fault of the cosplayer. Annoying neckbeards who insult and harass the cosplayer for simply being an attractive woman, even in situations when the cosplay is not intended to be sexual at all.

23. Physical affection with friends, ESPECIALLY between men.

24. Women. No seriously. Can women just exist without being made into sex objects? The irony is that I reckon we’d all have far more sex if we didn’t oversexualize women in movies, TV, ads, art, everywhere, creating toxic attitudes and forcing women to be naturally suspicious of men. Women want to fuck every bit as much as men, but they have to be so damn careful with it because men have been taught that women are objects to be used for sex. Notches on the bedpost. Conquests. It’s all bullshit. Let them just be people.

25. Pregnancy. Yes, they had sex to get that way but it doesn’t typically tend to be a sexy thing to go through. I know so many people that will argue it but… No. Just stop.

26. The words ‘dirty’ and ‘naughty’. Trying to discipline my nieces and nephews just sounds awful. ‘Don’t be a naughty girl, that’s dirty!’ 🤮

27. Not wearing a bra. Bras are so uncomfortable but I can’t go outside in a t-shirt/sweater without one because people will stare.

28. Animals and animal-characters in movies. Honestly who the fuck thought that putting boobs on a fucking cat was good?

29. The cervix. For whatever reason, some men still think they should ‘destroy’ it or need to push through or something. What?!

30. The number 69. You all know what I mean. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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