This Guy Was Waiting For His Uber When He Noticed Something Weirdly Hilarious About His Driver

Is there anyone in the world anymore that doesn’t have a weird Uber story? I’ll never forget the day my driver told me he thought he was probably a sociopath. It was… interesting at best.

But Twitter user @decentbirthday‘s story’s wild on a whole new level — when he was waiting for his Uber, he noticed something looked kind of off.

Twitter / @decentbirthday

Like, very off.

Twitter / @decentbirthday

What are you doing in the middle of the water, sir?

He decided to check up on his driver, Dinesh, just in case.

Twitter / @decentbirthday


He posted about it to Twitter and people couldn’t get over the jokes.

How did this happen, Dinesh? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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