There’s A Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Why Justin Bieber Cancelled His Tour And It’s Actually Kind Of Believable

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When Justin Bieber decided to cancel the rest of his tour due to “unforeseen circumstances”, Beliebers died a little inside. After all, we are living in the Purpose era, perhaps the most important of Bieber’s entire career, and it is not officially over.

Though neither Bieber or his reps expanded on why the pop star had to end the tour early, there’s a new conspiracy theory why, thanks to The Today Show.

According to an inside source, Bieber decided to take some time off to focus on his faith and contemplate starting his own church. That’s right, you soon might be able to join the Church of Justin Biebs.

OK, is it really such a weird theory? Bieber has always been very open about his faith. In fact, half of his album Purpose basically has to do with him finding God again. According to the inside source, Bieber, who is a pretty notable member of Hillsong Church, attended a Hillsong convention earlier this year, which supposedly spurred Bieber’s decision.

Whatever the reason is, we should probably support his decision of cancelling the tour. After all, Bieber has been a pretty reliable artist when it comes to shows, so there’s probably a pretty good reason he asked for the break.

Also, I’m just saying, if J Biebs started a church, you could call me a Believer again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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