This Woman’s Sexist Coworker Said She’d Be ‘More Successful As A Secretary’ And Her Response Was Epic

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A lot of women are used to dealing with sexism in the workplace, though oftentimes it’s pretty subtle. This woman, however, was faced with very overt sexism from her coworker, who didn’t believe she deserved her promotion because of her gender.

Azita received these messages from one of her male coworkers, and they’re pretty terrible.

via Azita

You knew it was going to bad when it started with “I’m not sexist but…”

But it’s Azita’s response that really shines here:

via Azita

Beautifully thought up, wonderfully executed. 10/10. I’m tearing up.

Sexism in the workplace is a very real thing — there will always be someone who thinks a woman isn’t qualified for her own job based on gender stereotypes. Let’s all try to be like Azita and call it out when we see it, even if it’s not necessarily pointed at us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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