15 Men Reveal The Mini Red Flags They Look For Before ‘Officially’ Dating A Girl

Pixabay / PourquoiPas
Pixabay / PourquoiPas

1. “Drama free” (right)

“I’m not like other girls because I don’t like drama.”

— Otto_Von_Bitchsmack

2. Never dated

“I’ve never been in a relationship longer than 2 months.”

There’s probably a good reason….

— Frequently-Absent

3. Too much snooping

When she knows stuff about you that you didn’t tell her…

— Hellobrother222

4. Pathological liar

About the third time you catch her in a lie.

— Kingsolomanhere

5. Gift revenge

After you’ve upset her, she starts taking back the presents she’s given you.

— greenprotagonist

6. Not happy with just you

When she’s constantly seeking attention and validation from other guys. When she flirts with other guys behind your back and claims it’s ‘harmless’. When she deliberately hides that she’s been spending time with other guys (male friends are all very well and good, but if she feels the need to hide it/lie to you about it, that’s suspicious).

— Up_Past_Bedtime

7. No privacy

When a girl insist to be allowed to read your phone messages. I have nothing to hide but please, some privacy

— koffienoff

8. Wants to hack your bank account?

If she ever asks for your dad’s middle name.

— Onomatroppolis

9. Needs attention 24/7

Extreme attention seeking behavior is an instant attraction killer.

— illegallad

10. Bad selfies

Chicks who take duck face selfies. I have no idea why any human would do it.

— Attornetard

11. This isn’t your house?

When she begins moving things into your place within the first week of your relationship.

— Anp3450

12. Does she want a baby?

When she starts joking about not taking “the pill”

— TherealfarmerofLA

13. Um

“I don’t trust men easily” is the biggest Nope ever. If that sentence is uttered, you need to run.

— PippenRedux

14. Too anti-man

Bringing up feminist/SJW talking points in every conversation or her twitter/facebook posts are nothing but complaining about men.

— daman345

15. And finally

  • Talking about marriage/ babies to early on.
  • Sleeps with you on the first date
  • When she does something wrong she brings up something you did in the past to void her wrong doing.
  • Collecting American girl dolls into adult hood
  • Still likes nothing but Disney movies
  • No driver’s license
  • Has a guy friend that she assures you is “like her brother”
  • All her friends are dumb shits

The list goes on. I have alot of these because I have dated alot of insane women in my past. Luckily I have learned from these mistakes and have been with a relatively sane women for 3 years now.

— tyrshand90 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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