What You Were Supposed To Learn Between 2016 And 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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(December 22nd to January 20th)

2016: You were supposed to learn how to have vision. Despite being strong-minded, Caps are known for being malleable, if not gullible. They easily adopt other people’s ideals as their own, and this was the year to break out of that. It was time for you to learn how to think and feel autonomously, and the chances that succeeded those revelations seemed nothing short of miraculous.

2017: You were supposed to get clarity on what’s not working. This was the year that didn’t hold back: you saw what doors were closed, you saw people’s true colors and intentions, you saw which business ventures were becoming fruitful and which weren’t. You couldn’t fool yourself if you tried to this year, the only question was how long it would take for you to finally choose to pivot.

2018: You are supposed to start a journey into the unknown. This is a year in which you will do things you’ve never done before, perhaps live in or visit places you’ve never been, try work you’ve never done. This is the year that you will surprise yourself with your capability, and you will see all your past regrets dissolve now that you are truly living for your own best interest, not your preoccupation with someone else.

Rethinking your life and don’t know where to start? 💭

If I stopped growing tomorrow, is this the person I would want to be for the rest of my life?

Letting go is not releasing
it is allowing
What already is.

The things we lose are not losses. They are entryways.

The only way to fail is to stop trying.

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