23 One Sentence Reminders For Anyone Who Knows They Have A Greater Purpose In Life


1. Your purpose is what you do with each moment of your life – the big things are just small things, done over and over again.

2. You do not have to know what your purpose is to be already living it out.

3. There is no purpose that is greater than another, we all affect one another in mysterious and invisible ways.

4. Your skills are not random, they show you what you’re here to work with.

5. The things you worry about are not random, they show you what you’re here to work toward.

6. Your greatest happiness will not come from being comfortable, it will come from being useful.

7. You are not here to be happy all the time, you are here to create and appreciate, two things that tend to arise from discomfort.

8. You will help people more by changing yourself than by telling people how to change themselves.

9. You will inspire more people by being yourself than telling others to be themselves.

10. Everything that happens to you is a resource, it is showing you a part of yourself and forcing you to think in a way you never would have before.

11. You are always growing, so it’s not about whether or not you’re moving forward, but which direction you’re going.

12. Your entire life does not need to unfold today.

13. What you think about you will bring about; what you focus on you will continue to create.

14. Your power, therefore your purpose, mostly resides in how you think.

15. Your purpose is not just that you do one specific thing, but how you go about doing everything.

16. It’s not about how perfect you appear, it’s about how you rationalize your actions and how you mend mistakes when you make them.

17. The most powerful work is that which is done willingly without applause.

18. You do not need applause to be doing purposeful work.

19. You can always decide what you want your purpose to be, and it’s best if you choose something that helps others and makes you feel alive.

20. Purposeful work is not always fun.

21. That does not mean you can’t choose to love it anyway.

22. Your purpose happens in the moment, not in ideas of the past or future or how you appear to others.

23. When all is said and done, people care far less about what you’ve accomplished than they do how you treat others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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