25 One Sentence Reminders Every Deeply Intuitive Person Needs To Read Right Now

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1. You can pick up on what’s happening, not what’s going to happen; you’re extra sensitive and very aware, you’re not an oracle.

2. Overthinking is what happens when your intuition is trying to tell you something that your mind does not want to accept.

3. Intuitive judgement is when information that would otherwise be subconscious informs your ideas – it’s still subject to what you know, and you don’t know everything.

4. Feeling as much as you do and being as perceptive as you are is a gift to humanity – it’s people like you who bring people to higher levels of awareness.

5. Learn more about people not from what they say, but from their micro-expressions, their behaviors, patterns, non-verbal cues.

6. Don’t forget where other people are coming from, and don’t judge them for not thinking or feeling as deeply as you do right away.

7. Stop trying to determine the outcome of situations you feel strongly about – emotions influence your impression of things.

8. Trust people’s actions more than you do their words.

9. Trust your own actions more than you do your thoughts.

10. You are not weak, broken or wrong for wanting love as deeply as you do.

11. You do not want to be totally completely fulfilled; hunger is what drives us, so be grateful for your discomfort.

12. Allow other people their journey – don’t offer help unless it’s requested (this never works).

13. A lot of intuitive people get stuck on believing that because they “know” something, it’s factual, and indefinite – focus on what you can control, not what you think you can’t.

14. You can connect deeper than other people can – this is a gift, use it wisely.

15. Remember that quality is always better than quantity… you can’t sustain shallow relationships anyway.

16. If it feels right, it probably is – trust what brings you peace as much as you trust your other instincts.

17. Stop trying to figure out if something’s “right” before you actually try to do it.

18. Don’t beat yourself up for not following your gut sometimes, doing so is a crucial part of the process toward learning how to truly listen to yourself.

19. Make time for solitude, for quiet, and for rest… your deepest understanding will come from this.

20. Not every feeling means something, and not every reaction is a cause for a response.

21. To be content in a sick society is to be sick as well.

22. Let your intuition guide you to what you love more than you let it guide you away from what you don’t want.

23. Most people speak and act mindlessly – remember this before you apply too much meaning where it doesn’t belong.

24. You cannot think, predict or intuit your way around pain, and you haven’t failed when you aren’t able to avoid it.

25. Allow things to unfold – thinking you have the answers before you really do completely misses the point (and holds you back from what you’re really here to experience). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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