Be Where Your Feet Are: 16 Little Mantras That Will Remind You That Your Life Is Happening In This Moment

Presence is all we have, yet it often becomes a last priority. We know it’s important to be in the moment, but if it were as simple as saying it, we’d have an easier time doing it. In a world that is constantly demanding more and more of our attention, we can’t forget to give ourselves to what matters most: a glimpse at what’s happening right now. Everything you’ve ever dreamed, wanted, worked for, wished for and are waiting for stems from this moment. What you do now is not just something, it’s everything. Here, 15 little mantras that you can repeat to yourself when you need to re-ground and remember: life happens in a series of moments, and any other ideas are just illusions that keep you from it.

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1. All that exists is what’s in front of me.

2. Potential unrealized becomes pain.

3. The only way to extraordinary is what I do with the ordinary.

4. Little by little.

5. All we ever have is now.

6. If I had the life I wanted, what would today look like?

7. If I had the love I wanted, what would today look like?

8. Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

9. What are the most important things that must happen today?

10. My life consists of my days – what am I doing with this one?

11. What would my most fully realized self do with today?

12. Am I truly doing the best I can right now?

13. If I didn’t feel tired, what would I do today?

14. Be where your feet are.

15. I am here.

16. This is not a practice round, this is not preparation – my life is happening now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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