Guess The Image: These 29 Links Will Lead You To A Page That Either Scars You For Life Or Melts Your Heart

Choose your destiny. NSFL means Not Safe For Life. NSFW means Not Safe For Work. Guess which is the correctly linked image, then click to find out. Beware.

1. Third-degree burns from hot oil (NSFW) / Little puppy snuggles next to owner playing guitar

2. Puppy belly rub / Poison oak on skin

3. Tiny sparrow chick on finger / Bird shit that looks like a ghost

4. Wart comes loose from hand (NSFW) / Hamster eating a raspberry

5. Cute baby seal / Brain leaks out from bullet hole in skull (NSFL)

6. Man eats razorblades (NSFW) / Dog eats crayons

7. Popped dog’s blackhead (NSFW) / Mother bear saves cub on highway

8. Pig disemboweled in slaughterhouse (NSFW) / Pig wakes up to cookie

9. Group of kittens meowing and climbing up owner’s leg / Tree lands on van with family (NSFL)

10. Man steps on landmine (NSFL) / Kitten hugs

11. Twin babies bouncing on the floor / Infected injection sites (NSFW)

12. Hippo windmilling poop (NSFW) / Beautiful sunset over the Serengeti

13. Four Golden Retriever puppies yawning / Black salve wart removal (NSFW)

14. Group of men get accidentally shot at a party because of Gangnam Style (NSFW) / Dog runs after red ball with great enthusiasm

15. Puppy doesn’t know how to catch / Botched abortion (NSFL)

16. Cat found suffocated to death (NSFW) / Cat sleeping in slippers

17. Rat fetus found in food (NSFL) / Pet rat holding a tiny teddy bear

18. George Clooney winks at camera / Disgusting pre-packaged foods (NSFW)

19. Sophie the baby bulldog rolling down a hill / Dead Taco Bell employees (NSFL)

20. Man inseminates elephant (NSFW) / Baby laughs as mother tickles his belly

21. Grandmother found dead in apartment after a week (NSFL) / A ferret taking a bath

22. Columbine school shooting (NSFW) / Baby chick gets head scratched

23. Kangaroo napping under a tree / Tongue cyst (NSFL)

24. Lion grabs man’s body and tears him to shreds (NSFL) / Affectionate feline jumps to greet its master

25. A huge cyst on the back of a man’s head (NSFW) / Two little girls practice tae kwon do

26. Alison Brie blows a kiss / What the hell is this? (NSFW)

27. Mother and son get run over by a car (NSFW) / Mother presents son with a new car

28. Hilarious family holiday pictures compilation / Human meat market (NSFW)

29. Perfect loop: Suicidal man jumping out of an apartment building (NSFL) / Perfect loop: The cat wiggle

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