Russell Brand Reveals The “Truth” Behind Ellen’s Oscars Selfie

In his most recent episode of THE TREWS (above), activist comedian Russell Brand covers Crimea, Ukraine, income inequality, and the “truth” behind Ellen’s Oscars selfie taken at last Sunday’s Oscars ceremony.

At around 4:20, while highlighting Daily Mail’s disingenuous excuse to feature the selfie, Brand says that the image was “probably a staged corporate event” manufactured by Samsung to promote its Galaxy smartphone.

“It’s a shame,” Brand goes on. “Behind the glamor, the glitz… it’s just selling us, constantly, an idea. And it’s not like you can just sell products. You need to sell the entire context… you have to sell the concept of glamor… the movies, the newspaper, all of it creates a frequency of consciousness that’s constantly spellbinding you into a state where a Galaxy phone seems like a good idea.” TC mark


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