A Guided Meditation for Self-Love: Maybe Right Now Your Journey Isn’t About Love

Maybe right now your journey isn’t about love.
Maybe right now your journey is about you.
Maybe this is the season you are being challenged to be your own savior, to be your own safe place.

Maybe right now you are being reminded — that the people who walked away were only ever leading you back to yourself, were only ever leading you here.
And here, you are okay on your own.
Here, you are rebuilding.

you are adapting,
and mending,
and reclaiming all of the pieces you let them walk away with.

you are being kinder your soul,
you are giving yourself the same kind of love you have always given to others.

you are not rushing your heart,
you are not depending on another human being to fix it.

Instead, here, you are doing that on your own.

Here, you are healing.

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