Here’s The Real Reason You’re Good Enough

What if I told you that the key to being good enough is something you have within your ribcage? Literally.

As human beings, we have a tendency to look at ourselves through the wrong kind of lens. We create perceptions of who we are, and what we have to offer, based on a vision of ourselves that is often centered around our faults.

Far too often I hear someone refer to themselves as not being “good enough” for another human being. This always confuses, and deeply saddens me, because I unconditionally believe that we are all good enough for one another, and there is only one reason why.

You are good enough because you house within yourself a heart that beats deeply and feels without question. You are good enough because that beating heart gives you the ability to love someone in the most profound way. That is all that matters. Your past does not matter, your faults do not matter – the only thing that matters is that you have a heart.


The next time you allow for your mistakes to govern how purposeful you feel, remember – the right people, the genuine people, the ones who aren’t merely social acquaintances or convenient friends in life, the ones who will inspire you and challenge you and uplift you, those people will never see you through the lens of your mistakes. You are the only person who will do that.

The person who admires you will love you for you who are, blunders included, because burdens and baggage and insecurity – none of that phases the heart. It only phases the mind.

The person you think you “aren’t good enough” for will believe in your heart and nothing else, for that is what defines you in their eyes. You are good enough to them because you have within you this radiant ability to care. You are good enough to them because you have within you this overwhelming ability to feel. Stop using your mind to convince yourself otherwise, and give all of that burden, all of that doubt, all of that judgment to your heart, for it is the strongest thing you have within yourself.

Your heart is stronger than your past. Your heart is stronger than your doubt. Your heart can carry your baggage on its back and will still run circles around the freckles in the eyes of the person you admire. Your heart is stronger than your mistakes, and it is stronger than your negativity. Your heart is strong. It is resilient. It will never, ever change, or spoil, or lose its ability to give all of itself to someone. It is capable of love, no matter what, and that is all that someone will see within you – that is all that someone will fall in love in.

Give it freely, for it is good enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark