Social Media Is Running And Ruining My Life


Two nights ago I saw a Tweet on my feed that just pushed me to the point of deleting the app off my phone. I was literally filled with anger inside about it and I decided I don’t need this shit in my life anymore, at least not for a little while. I needed a mental break from constantly reading, posting and scrolling.

Last night I couldn’t take Facebook anymore. All I ever see are things that makes me mad and frustrated with humanity, with the occasional video with a status like “see the world isn’t so bad” or “finally restored my faith in humanity.” And honestly the world is good, there are a lot more people who actually give a shit than people who don’t. The problem is that there are so many more people who don’t give a shit on social media. Trolls that sit behind their computer screen just looking for people to belittle and tear about to try to boost themselves up.

There are people who do the most disgusting things for attention it actually makes me physically ill. The other night I saw a photo of two men who cut off a dogs ears to post photos on social media. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!? I don’t get it. I don’t understand what has to go through your idiotic brain in order for you to think that’s something you should do. But it got them the attention they were looking for because they knew it would piss people off and they were right. It’s still pissing me off.

Social media is meant to be a platform for people to express themselves and it is, but most people use it for ego boosts, to get retweets by degrading other people and saying or doing foul shit to get a reaction. The worst part of it all is that it’s working.

I see so many tweets from people who are just completely insensitive hiding behind an anonymous account. Sure, some of it is supposed to be a joke and taken light-heartedly, but most of it isn’t. Most of it is taken too far, most of it is completely rude and disgraceful to people who are fat or gay or trans or whatever isn’t “normal and socially acceptable.”

When I actually let social media affect my overall mood and day I know it’s time to walk away. I know it’s time to take a step back and realize that this isn’t what I wanted at all. I realize that no way in hell is this benefiting me anymore.

The only thing social media does is give people an ego boost or completely ruin their mood.

Be honest, you’re not really putting your volunteer work on social media to show people that you care, you’re putting it up there so people can comment and talk about how wonderful you are for spending two hours picking up trash while you were probably miserable the whole time.

People use social media as a way to feel better about themselves, as a way to look at other people’s lives and say ‘oh well I’m glad I’m not pregnant’ or ‘I already have a job so that sucks for that person’ or ‘I’m so great because I helped someone carry their groceries.’ Could you have really just helped someone carry their groceries and not posted about it? Sure! But would it have felt as great as getting 30 ‘likes’ for it? Nope because we thrive off feeling good about ourselves and attention.

We use social media as a way to feel better, a way to stalk the shit out of people we don’t even like just to make sure we’re doing better than them or maybe to prove that we’re not that far behind. We use it to boost our egos and feel better about ourselves and that has an overall negative effect on our lives. It slowly starts to ruin you.

We also use social media as another platform to complain on. We use to to hopefully get someone else to chime in on something we’re upset about or sympathize for us.

I deleted Twitter for the weekend and I can’t count how many times I’ve thought to myself “I wish I could tweet that” and that’s messed up, that’s when it’s too far when I feel the instant need to post my thoughts somewhere so someone can read them and possibly agree. Will the world lose sleep if I don’t tweet for another week? Hell no. But It might actually make me sleep better.

No one really cares that much about your life, really. Most people aren’t checking in every day to see what you’ve been up to. Give yourself a break and don’t let social media break you anymore. It’s not worth it.

Put your mental health first and get out in the real world and be social. Live a little, it will give you a break from all the negative crap you see behind your computer screen. Take a look at what the world is really like when you’re not constantly blinded by your phone and influenced to believe the things you read. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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