40 Little Things Men Don’t Realize Mean The World To Women


1. Complimenting her on something new she bought or assumes you won’t notice.

2. Calling her instead of always texting her.

3. Buying her something small on the way home “just because.”

4. Randomly surprising her with flowers.

5. Helping her cook dinner.

6. Inviting her to dinner with your friends or family.

7. Playing her a song that reminds you of her.

8. Sending her good morning texts.

9. Really putting in effort with her family.

10. Posting pictures of her on your social media.

11. Writing a cute caption on photos every once in a while.

12. Kissing her in public.

13. Taking her opinion into consideration, even if you strongly disagree.

14. Telling her she looks beautiful when she wakes up.

15. Going see the new chick flick with her.

16. Hand writing her a little note.

17. Encouraging her.

18. Asking her if she had a good day.

19. Being slightly protective over her.

20. Running your fingers through her hair.

21. Taking care of her when she’s sick.

22. Bring her food home when you go out with your friends.

23. Talking over decisions that would affect her.

24. Always defending her.

25. Staying up late just to talk to her.

26. Letting her steal your clothes.

27. Watching her favorite movie with her, even if you’ve already seen it a hundred times.

28. Telling people in your life how proud of her you are.

29. Taking your relationship seriously.

30. Letting her have her freedom.

31. Going to something you don’t particularly want to go to, but going because you know it will make her happy.

32. Being friends with her friends.

33. Fixing the thing she’s been meaning to get to.

34. Helping her wash the dishes.

35. Giving her a back rub after a stressful day.

36. Telling her she looks sexy before she goes out.

37. Saying thank you.

38. Planning a date for the two of you.

39. Cuddling in bed on the weekend.

40. Actually following through with what you say. TC mark

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He only wanted validation.

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