I Am So Excited For Love, But I Am In No Rush


I am excited for the day I can look at someone and know it’s a forever kind of love. The kind of love that is honest, yet playful. The kind of love that is generous and giving from the both of us. The kind of love that is extraordinary and rare. The kind of love where we skip to our own beat and take on the world together hand in hand. The kind of love that is fun, where you don’t care if you’re embarrassing yourselves because what you’re doing is making you happy.

I want the love that people look at and aspire for. I want to be one of those couples that people think, damn they are always having a good time. I want our love to radiate off of us. I want to do random nice things for each other, not for a special occasion, but just because we feel like it. I want the carefree, yet caring kind of love that people don’t think is possible.

I know our love won’t be all sunshine and rainbows, but I want it to be as close as it can be.

I love love.

I love everything about love. I’ll never get sick of love songs. I’ll never get sick of chick flicks. I’ll never stop crying at the end of romance novels. I’ll never turn off the end of a Christmas Hallmark movie because the ending is always predictable and happy. I’ll never stop doing any of those things because I love a happy ending, I always love the happily ever after.

I’ll always say “awwww” to the picture of the cute couple frolicking through the leaves in fall. I’ll always be obsessed with the nice things my friends boyfriend will do for her. I’ll always tear up over engagements. I’ll always pull for happy couples in love, always, always, always because I don’t see any other way to live.

Love is what makes the world go round and I think true love is beautiful.

I am so thrilled for the day when I will get to experience all those moments with the person I know will be my side for good.

But as excited as I am for love, I’m excited I still have all that to look forward too because for now I’m still excited that I have time to be on my own. I am excited I still have time to grow and learn about myself. I am excited I still have time to focus on my career goals and traveling. I am excited I still have time to grow as an individual and accomplish things on my own.

Right now I am still happy eating ice cream on my own. I’m still happy waking up in my own bed every morning and taking care of myself. I’m still happy with only worrying about my schedule and my life. I’m still happy with doing things alone and making my own plans.

But I also know I’m happy I have so much to look forward too.

I am excited that I have everything to look forward to with someone special, someone who will be in my life sooner or later, but until that day comes I will keep working on me. I will keep crying at the end of romance novels. I will keep watching chick flicks with happy endings. I will keep being a hopeless romantic and “awwwing” over other peoples love, knowing that one-day someone might be “awwwing” over my love.

I am so excited for the day I find love, but I am in no rush.

I can wait, but when the right person walks into my life I will forever be excited to walk through life with them by my side and experience our own kind of love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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