60 Little Things To Call Someone That Are Better Than Saying ‘Pretty’


Appearance is the first thing you notice about someone, always. Their outfit, their body type, their hair style, it’s always first, but there is so much more to a person than their appearance and sometimes we forget that. Sometimes we don’t even give someone the chance if we don’t like the way they look.

Feeling pretty should be an internal mindset; it should be something you feel without admiration from others. Take a good look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re going to slay every day because as long as you like yourself and make yourself happy, everyone else’s opinion is irrelevant.

It’s important to keep in mind just because someone doesn’t tell you you’re pretty doesn’t mean you aren’t. Your looks are judged differently by every person and always will be. You can never be the “right kind of woman” and make everyone continuously pleased by your appearance because that’s impossible and you shouldn’t strive for it because there is so much more to life than being pretty. You can be anything you want, so be you and continue to be all of these things as well.


1. Inspirational

2. Honest

3. Loyal

4. Influential

5. Strong

6. Powerful

7. Independent

8. Unapologetic

9. Sophisticated

10. Pleasant

11. Brave

12. Funny

13. Spontaneous

14. Smart

15. Hard-working

16. Dedicated

17. Thoughtful

18. Empathetic

19. Generous

20. Reliable

21. Open-minded

22. Creative

23. Respectful

24. Responsible

25. Warm

26. Willing

27. Positive

28. Outgoing

29. Polite

30. Self-assured

31. Selfless

32. Kind

33. Caring

34. Enthusiastic

35. Keen

36. Compassionate

37. Bright

38. Capable

39. Adventurous

40. Amazing

41. Deep

42. Passionate

43. Charming

44. Eager

45. Proficient

46. Mature

47. Spirited

48. Frank

49. Composed

50. Friendly

51. Level-headed

52. Logical

53. Modest

54. Humble

55. Helpful

56. Considerate

57. Enchanting

58. Blissful

59. Cheerful

60. Engaging Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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