46 Things You Can Give Up For Lent And What To Add Into Your Life Instead

Lent is officially here again all the way until Easter, which falls on March 27 this year. Every year I try to make it all the way through with giving up something, but this year I’ve also considered adding something to my daily routine on top of taking something away. Here are 46 ideas to give up or add for all the days of Lent, in case you’re still thinking of what to do.

Give up:

1. Cheese
2. Meat
3. Processed food
4. Going out to eat
5. Alcohol
6. Soda
7. Gossip
8. Caffeine
9. Checking social media throughout the day
10. Hitting the snooze button
11. Not eating after a certain time
12. Online shopping
13. Bread products
14. Fast food
15. Using being tired as an excuse
16. Netflix
17. TV
18. Complaining
19. Swearing
20. Chocolate
21. Junk food/fried food
22. Social media
23. Smoking
24. Makeup
25. Hair products
26. Negativity
27. Procrastination
28. Taking pictures of your food
29. Replying “K” over text
30. Weighing yourself
31. Subtweeting
32. Hate-reading
33. Hate-following
34. Leaving rude comments online
35. People pleasing
36. Comparing yourself to others
37. Giving up
38. Saying “I can’t do it”
39. Using credit cards
40. Road rage
41. Lying
42. Working (unnecessary) overtime
43. The radio
44. Video games
45. Red meat
46. Salting your food

Add in:

1. Yoga
2. Hot green tea
3. Using the stairs (instead of the elevator)
4. Listening more
5. Only drink water
6. More fruits
7. More veggies
8. Taking off your makeup every night
9. Reading
10. Exercising
11. Walking
12. Journaling
13. Telling one person you love them a day
14. Writing down one good thing that happens a day
15. Writing down one thing you are thankful for a day
16. Going to church at least once a week
17. Volunteering
18. Calling your parents more
19. Talk to your siblings more
20. Going to bed with all the dishes done
21. Making your bed every morning
22. Cleaning your room
23. Quiet time
24. Waking up before the sun rises
25. Being on time
26. Being a better friend
27. Making sacrifices for others
28. Keeping up with your commitments
29. Going to confession
30. Praying the Rosary
31. Attend the Stations of the Cross
32. Read the Bible
33. Pay attention in Mass
34. Meeting deadlines
35. 20 minutes of spiritual reading a day
36. Meditation
37. Reading everyday
38. Blogging
39. Say a prayer before bed
40. Eating breakfast
41. Listening to Christian music while you drive
42. Picking a Saint to be like and follow their beliefs
43. Donate money you would spend on whatever you’re giving up
44. Compliment one person a day
45. Visiting a nursing home
46. Spending more time outside Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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