10 Unexplainable, Creepy Deaths That Will Shake You To Your Very Core

image - Flickr / Geoffrey Meyer-van Voorthuijsen
image – Flickr / Geoffrey Meyer-van Voorthuijsen

In this day and age, committing the perfect crime is becoming increasingly difficult. With the advent of advanced forensic sciences, and with news being constantly disseminated via television and Internet, very few crimes produce more questions than answers. This is why we are still mystified and intrigued by crimes that seem unsolvable, even in the age of surveillance cameras and DNA databases. However, these cases persist, stumping investigators and the general public alike. Whether they are decades-old cold cases or new incidents defying explanation, unsolved crimes make for some of the most perplexing and intriguing mysteries. The following cases have either remained totally unsolved, or have been “solved” with some suspect explanations that continue to inspire debate to this day. Can you be the one to find a suitable resolution to any of these chilling incidents?

10. The Archuleta County Jane and John Doe

In 1982, two bodies – one adult male and one adult female – washed up along the San Juan River near a Navajo Reservation in Archuleta County, Colorado. The female body was found a few weeks before the male’s remains were discovered, but authorities quickly tied the two corpses together, and deduced that they had been met with foul play. Autopsies would prove that this Jane Doe had been strangled to death, and John Doe had been shot twice with a small caliber weapon.

Other than determining HOW these unfortunate souls met their end, authorities were left without answers. To this day, neither John nor Jane Doe of Archuleta County have been identified, and their killer has never been apprehended. Authorities have had few clues to go on in a case that has failed to produce any substantive leads. Perhaps the greatest clue in the case was a weathered note found in the dead woman’s pocket. After much analysis and deciphering, the note was eventually found to be the name and phone number of one Marilyn Cobianco, a resident of the nearby Farmington, New Mexico. However, Cobianco didn’t recall ever meeting a woman meeting Jane Doe’s description and could not explain how her name and phone number ended up in a dead woman’s jeans pocket. The only clue found on John Doe was his t-shirt, which advertised a defunct brothel in Nevada. This clue failed to turn up any leads either.

But the case took a creepier turn a few years after the unknown couple was interred in a grave for unidentified victims in Archuleta County. When Colorado Bureau of Investigations agents went to see the graves, they found fresh flowers adorning John Doe’s resting place.

While theories such as drug cartel killings have been presented, no substantive evidence of the identities of John and Jane Doe, nor who killed them and why, has ever been determined.

9. Tour De France Winner, Ottavio Bottecchia

Ottavio Bottecchia was a talented Italian cyclist who became the first Italian to win the prestigious Tour de France in 1924, and followed that historic feat up with another victory in the world’s most famous cycling race in 1925. He was also the first man in the history of the race to lead Le Tour from start to finish. One might imagine that such a successful athlete in what was, at the time, a major sport would live a decorated and long life after his racing days ended. Bottecchia was not so fortunate.


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