Ladies: If He Doesn’t Act Like He Cares, He’s Just Not That Into You

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Ladies, the real reason you are not that important to him is because he does not desire you like that. Time and time again, I see girls put themselves out there for the same man, and they get hurt emotionally because they chose to either ignore the man’s actions or be smooth-talked.

Let me let you into the mind of a man who has had multiple girlfriends in the past, been the ass who deserved to be dumped, yet was kept around, and is now in a stable relationship.

If a man wants you, he will do anything to have you.

In general, if somebody wants something, they find a way to get it. I have met people who have had multiple computers on waiting for hours to score a Coachella ticket or others who wait in the freezing cold simply to get a glimpse of their celebrity crush. Why is it this mentality is not the same when it comes to finding someone to date!

A man who wants you will carve out time in his schedule to see you. He will wake up early and go to the gym just so he can see you in the evening. Perhaps he works at night, yet if he truly wanted you, he would find a time to see you!

He will drive to see you, carve out space for you, communicate with you, and make it clear to other women the only woman he wants is you. There is this ambiguous line people tend to not want to cross where it makes them official. However, since no one says anything, all that is left is uncertainty!

Remember, if we want a woman, we will make it clear to other women we are taken.

You will not have to assume what he thinks of you or if he wants to be your boyfriend because he will tell you, and he will not trick you. If he invites you out, analyze where he takes you, and ask yourself “Is he trying to hide who I am?” If so, ask and you will know if he is not that interested in you.

When he takes you out, he will take the time to understand you in order to plan thoughtful dates, and not just text you at 11pm asking to hang out.

Ladies, as a man, I can say if we want something, we will find any way to get it. Do not be fooled by a guy, but look at their actions and see if it aligns with what they say.

If it does not, have the courage and know your self-worth to understand you deserve better and walk away. There are too many men who would be willing to do anything for you and would be grateful to have you by their side.

If we are careful, there are always red flags in any potential relationship. We have to be observant and make sure we ask ourselves “Is he being flaky?” “Why hasn’t he asked me out?” or “Why does he only text me at night?” As someone who has played the game, fooled women, been in love, and been heartbroken, I always carve time out for whomever is truly important to me.

Make sure you remember this, or perhaps realize that he is just not that into you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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