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Home Is A Feeling—When You Find It, You’ll Know

You’ll recognize when you’ve found home without ever having the words to describe it. Home is a sense of knowing, surety, and familiarity.

Home is sacred. Home is where your heart is most willing to receive. It’s a state where you feel most free, welcoming, and expansive. Home is where you’re comfortable letting loose and being yourself. Home is where you’re unrestricted without judgement. Home is where your hidden desires come to life. Home pulls you in as much as you pull it. Home recognizes itself in you. Home is safety and protection. It doesn’t leave you feeling uneasy.

Home is carried as an energy that materializes into physical things. A house isn’t home just because it’s a shelter. A person isn’t home just because you put a label on your relationship. They become home when your hearts connect. The stronger the union, the less alone you feel. It gives you a sense of pleasure and appreciation. Home moves you towards your best self. You’re the most and least productive when you find home.

Home is sinking into the couch and encircling yourself beneath a plush blanket. Home is rolling your finger over a lighter as you bring it towards the wick of a candle. Home is having your feet tucked under the belly of your dog.

Home is where you don’t have to wear clothes.

Home is your head on his shoulder and breath on his neck. Home are the warm arms that surround you. Home is wearing his shirt. Home is the smell of her hair and the yield of her bottom. Home is a familiar voice, bad jokes, and longing looks.

Home is a feeling that takes your breath away. Home is dynamic.

Home might change as you grow. Home can be as permanent or temporary as you want. It must be cultivated. Otherwise, something that once felt like home can lose its familiarity. You can remodel and work together to create something new. Remember, home is what you keep your heart open to and what keeps its heart open to you. Home breaks barriers.

You can take a piece of home with you in your mind. You can take a piece of home in your heart. Home is a feeling. When you find it, you’ll know.

About the author

Arlene Ambrose

Arlene is a self-healing authour, and stress management coach