When All You Want Is To Run Far, Far Away


You don’t remember how this feeling started. You don’t remember when the itching began. But you’ve noticed it lately, how your feet get anxious when you’ve been standing in one spot too long. Your legs bounce up and down in anticipation. There is something restless inside you. There is something that needs to be free.

You used to consider yourself a creature of habit. You always settled into gentle routine. The same space. The same people. The same activities. There is comfort in those things. There’s an understanding.

You wake up and you go to sleep and everything in between resembles the day before. It’s not boring, exactly. But it’s safe. And you crave safety. Your brain looks for terrible scenarios and having a proven thing is a sigh of relief.

But still, there is a void. There is a hole you hadn’t noticed before.

Maybe this is your call to action. Maybe this is your heart asking for a chance.

A chance to try a new world. A chance to see what you’re capable of. Hell, even a chance to make mistakes.


Listen to the stuff that scares you. Listen to your body.

It’s okay to spread your wings. And it’s okay to be frightened. It’s okay question yourself. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t.

Maybe something is waiting for you. Something you’ll never find if you don’t take this chance to pursue it.

When all you want is to run far away, maybe it’s time to do just that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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