The Brutal Truth Is I’ll Always Be Waiting For You

In this version, you don’t make the safe choice.
You don’t go for a proven thing,
a path that promises no bumps,
no hills, just endless flat terrain.

In this version, you pick me
and the car breaks down but we
laugh until we cry,
we turn the backseat into a sauna
and wait for the tow truck to
pull us back to reality.

In this version, I pick up the phone and our hearts stutter in unison.
Nothing is left unsaid.
Nothing is left untouched.

In this version, you’re clear on what you want
and it’s always me.
Even when you wish it wasn’t.
Even when it would be easier
to choose someone else.

Every time, you pick me.
Even when it’s terrifying. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

✨ real(ly not) chill. poet. writer. mental health activist. mama shark. ✨

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