I Can't Wait To Start Forever With You

I Can’t Wait To Start Forever With You

My love, I can’t wait to start our forever together.

It is not just the thought of marrying you that makes me dizzy with joy. It is not the glamour of the wedding that makes my heart race with enthusiasm. It is not in the detail like picking the perfect shade for my gown that I’m caught up in. It is not in the insignificant details like the guest list or the music we’re dancing to.

It is in the aftermath of building a life with you that I look forward to.

It is how our lives are intertwined for better or for worse, and how we are committed to each other. It is the fact that we are partners now on this journey that we choose to embark together. It is how we look into each other’s eyes and we know that we have found our home in each other. It is how we have the rest of our lives to figure out, grow, and evolve into our better selves. It is the flare of hopeful anticipation at how the next stage of our life is materializing before our eyes.

It sounds so unbelievably surreal that I’m getting married to the love of my life. How lucky I am to find you across the span of the vast universe. How blessed I am to get to know you and fall in love with you. How miraculous it is that we conquer all the hurdles and adversities together that also bring us closer.

My love, I’m so grateful to have you.

The magnitude of your love towards me. The unshakable devotion you hold for me. The resolute commitment you possess for our relationship.

I love how you show up for me when you say that you will. I love our heartfelt conversations that bare our hearts and souls. I love how you appreciate me for the big-hearted girl I am and love me back just as fiercely. I love how you see me as a future you want to be a part of. I love how we intentionally make the mutual choice to be in this relationship and continue to fight for us. I love how you never back down or falter during the difficult times and instead love me harder and assure me that it will be okay.

Truth to be told, I never thought that I would be lucky enough to find love, much less acknowledged the possibility of settling down. Love used to be an elusive concept that I had to chase, and my effort would backfire time and time again.

If my past self could see me now, she wouldn’t believe her eyes. That the current me would have found the love that she has been hoping for. That someone loves me for who I am and reciprocates my affection. That I am deserving of someone who puts me as a priority and treats me to the best of his ability.

My love, I promise to love you fully, and you have all of my heart.

I promise that as overwhelming as all of this is, I will trust in the process and cherish our journey together. I promise to love you more each day. I promise that I am here for you today and tomorrow.

I promise you all of forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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