7 Reasons You Might Want To Take A Break From Dating

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1. You’re still hung up on an ex or someone from your past.

Give yourself time to just be alone. Even though it can be tempting (and a damn good distraction technique), you don’t have to jump into another romantic relationship. Allowing yourself time to heal and actually move on from a previous attachment means you’re more likely to be ready when the time comes to give love another shot.

2. You’re embarking on a new career path. 

Starting out in a new job can be TERRIFYING. Especially if this is the start of a *~*~career~*~* or something you see yourself doing/working on longterm. There’s nothing wrong with putting your job first while you’re getting your feet wet.

3. You’re constantly trying to please others.

If you’ve made a habit of always doing what other people want, that leaves very little time to reflect on what YOU want. It’s okay to be a little selfish. Be a priority for once.

4. You need to dedicate more time and energy to your friendships.  

Friends are incredibly valuable, important parts of our lives. Making sure they feel appreciated deserves your effort and time. Take your friends on dates. Go on road trips together. Go to cute restaurants and laugh and find joy just being in each other’s company.

5. You’re about to make a huge transition in life.

Maybe you’re getting ready to graduate or move to a new city. Maybe you’re dealing with brand new surroundings and people. When there’s a definitive end to a chapter in your life, one that is followed by a big change, it might be overwhelming to add any other changes as well. Give yourself a moment to adjust.

6. Your mental health needs some attention. 

I’m a big advocate for therapy, but obviously it’s not for everyone (and unfortunately not everyone has access to it). You should never EVER feel ashamed about working on your mental health and addressing things you might need a little help with. Not to say you can’t do this while in a romantic relationship (I have and will continue to throughout my life), but taking a breather can feel like a much needed relief.

7. You just don’t want to date.

There’s this weird pressure that you have to find someone, NOW. It’s some proverbial ticking clock we’re all competing against. But life’s not a marathon. Just because the people around you are falling in love or getting married or having children does not mean YOU have to be on the same page. You don’t have to force yourself into something if you’re not interested. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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