We Asked 15 Women What Men Do That Immediately Turns Them Off

Joel Sossa
Joel Sossa

1. “Arrogance. There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness. And some dudes seriously need to find it.”

 — Alexa, 22

2. “I’m instantly turned off when I can tell a guy is using a line on me. It’s like, don’t try to spit game at me. Just have a conversation with me. Like a human being.”

— Yasmin, 25

3. “When he drenches himself in cologne. Do you want me to have an asthma attack?”

—  Kristina,  24

4. “I get that this isn’t fair to men – especially because they’ve been conditioned to think they have to be the dominant ones. But I hate being pursued. As soon as a man approaches me with any romantic intention, I’m not into it. Just let me come to you.”

— Viv, 23

5. “The second a guy says, ‘I believe in equal rights, I just don’t like what feminism has become’. Okay, bye Dave.”

— Fatima, 25

6. “If he starts hating on other women in an attempt to compliment me. Like saying, ‘Oh wow, you’re not like other girls. You’re beautiful AND smart.’ You can flatter someone without tearing others down. And if a guy does this, it’s a huge red flag that he’s just a terrible person.”

— Hailey, 22

7. “If you can tell he smokes just by hugging him. It’s 2016. I’m not looking to make out with an ashtray.”

—  Julianna, 29

8. “Bad kissers. I just can’t deal. Learn how to control your tongue, please. For all that is good and holy. Do not drown the girl you’re trying to get…wet.”

— Summer, 21

9. “Bros, specifically frat bros. Ugh. My vagina is closing shut just thinking about it. No thanks.”

— Lizbeth, 20

10. “Apparently there’s this thing that some guys try to do called negging? From my understanding, a guy gives you a backhanded compliment or is downright insulting to undermine your confidence. Mhm, do that to me and all you’ll get is a nice view of me…walking away.”

—  Ana, 23

11. “Mustaches. Oh my god, can this trend die already? Unless you’re Tom Selleck, you’re probably not pulling it off.”

—  Lila, 26

12. “I wouldn’t say there’s a specific thing I can pick out that turns me off, it’s more of a vibe. I think you know right away if you’re gonna click with someone. If I’m not feeling it, I won’t waste your time.”

— Rachael, 26

13. “If he’s wearing Ed Hardy. Good rule to follow: if you ever want to have sex, don’t wear Ed Hardy.”

— Olivia, 25

14. “Oh god, if I find out he’s a Trump supporter. He’ll be lucky if I don’t vomit in his lap.”

—  Willa, 23

15. “Pretentious dudes who assume they know more than you. Nothing turns me off faster than a patronizing asshole.”

— Nicole, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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