17 Everyday Struggles Of Being A Girl Who Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

Kiele Twarowski
Kiele Twarowski

1. You get teary-eyed at the most seemingly mundane things, like dead squirrels on the side of the road, or an old couple holding hands.

2. You’re a TERRIBLE liar. Seriously, you have absolutely no poker face.

3. You have a really hard time hiding when you have a crush on someone. It feels like you’re constantly on the verge of bursting and accidentally shouting, “YOUR FACE IS THE BEST!! I REALLY LIKE YOUR FACE!!”

4. And even when you think you’re being stealth about liking someone, you’ll find out later that everyone already knew. And I mean EVERYONE.

5. You suck at keeping your own secrets. You’re essentially a walking, talking diary.

6. No one ever has to wonder how you’re feeling. You just go ahead and tell them. (Even when they don’t ask)

7. You worry about getting kicked out of movie theaters when watching sad movies because you’re sobbing just a little too loudly. You can’t control it, okay??!?

8. Bambi and Dumbo ruined you. Thanks a lot, WALT.

9. You are everyone’s stand-in therapist. And while you love that people feel comfortable confiding in you, it can be a little draining at times.

10. You assume the best in people, and when someone isn’t as authentic as they present themselves to be, it really throws you off. You mean…you’re not actually nice? Oh.

11. You give a lot of second chances. Which can sometimes bite you in the ass.

12. You get easily invested in people, places…things. It wouldn’t be weird for you to get emotionally attached to a tree, tbh.

13. You’ve never really worried about having resting-bitch-face. You typically have resting-whatever-my-current-emotional-state-is-face.

14. Um, you actually do give a f*ck. You give plenty.

15. You have a hard time understanding people who don’t easily open up. You just want to crack open their lil’ robotic hearts! Let us in. Let us love you.

16. You’re never afraid to give those you love verbal affection. You’re a compliment machine to your closest pals and will always end a conversation with: “Bye, love you!”

17. You cannot play it cool. Nope. Noooope. Not gonna happen. Sorry. Physically can’t. You will never be thought of as the mysterious girl, and you know what? You’ve accepted it. You embrace it. This is your path. This is your destiny. *bursts into song* TAKE ME FOR WHAT I AMMMM. WHO I WAS MEANT TO BEEEEEE. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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